swoon fest

This won't mean much to anyone else but lil ol' me.  But in case you are crazy interested, the following is a LONG list (in no particular order) of schtuff that makes my heart go pitter-pat.  Who knows, we might have similar tastes...

  • Arizona sunsets
  • Cath Kidston
  • Waverly 
  • floral prints
  • gingham
  • red barns
  • red anything 
  • antique boutiques
  • plates on the wall
  • beadboard (duh)
  • polka dots, the red/white variety (double duh)
  • black & white photos of hands/feet (long before it was dubbed cool -- take that fadistics!)
  • wire baskets
  • bird houses
  • bird cages
  • rustic wreaths
  • blue & white china
  • wood floors
  • quilts
  • hexagon afghans
  • vintage caravans 
  • retro and/or vintage ads & pin-ups
  • British telephone booths
  • book stacks
  • mason jars
  • tulle
  • toile
  • embroidery
  • typewriters
  • The Black Apple
  • Anthropologie 
  • gumball machines (vintage, duh again)
  • retro gas pumps
  • distressed edges
  • peeling paint
  • milk bottles
  • lanterns
  • cake stands
  • Moda
  • Pottery Barn 
  • crystal knobs
  • copper pots, pans, colanders (anything really)
  • craftsman homes
  • cottages & bungalows
  • Victorian houses
  • brick houses
  • red doors
  • wrap around porches
  • white picket fences
  • climbing ivy
  • gardens of any kind
  • rolling hills & valleys
  • the following children books (turned into television shows): Little Bear and Angelina Ballerina.  So sweet!  J'adore much.
Basically, I'm a retro/vintage, shabby chic, French country, beach cottage fanatic!  I'm also a grown woman who likes to read children books and watch cartoons before bedtime...  And when it is time for me to sleep, I lay there dreaming about the things that make me smile.  I may even breath a wishful sigh, before sweet sleep sweeps me off my feet.  Also, I enjoy alliterating from time to time.  *B

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  1. do you like the country living mag? My mom always gives me hers. I swoon over them!


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