change of plans

 Turns out I no longer have a school to study for... so, goal number six will get a little makeover.  Also, I think I'm going to start counting my points next week.  But, so far these past few days are turning out to be good practice.  So, who's with me???  Seriously, I would LOVE to set up a group or something.  Any ideas on how it should run, if/when we should meet, etc.?  Feedback would be greatly appreciated :)

Also, I'm really enjoying reacquainting myself with my blog here, and over there.  And I've come to realize that making and keeping meal plans shouldn't just be a short-term personal goal; it definitely deserves a long-term goal status!  So if you're into meal plans, healthy tips/tricks and yummy recipes, then by all means, head on over!  And then click follow, so I can feel cool.  I want to share the knowledge I've gained with as many people as possible.  Who doesn't want to feel better about themselves, inside AND out?!  Yay for good food!  And yay for setting goals!  Boo for schools that close without a warning and leave a wannabe nutrition consultant in the dust.  *B


  1. count me in! I loved the idea yesterday. I will make it fit me, but I am excited. great thinking.

  2. I'm kinda in . . . because I want to be supportive, but don't want to do a daily point thing, so we'll talk.

  3. I wanna do it with you! You can set up a blog and invite us to be blog authors. Some people in my ward did it last year. We can do it like they did...

  4. That is a bummer about your school. How close were you to finishing? Keep up the good work with your goals.

  5. counting points? What is this you speak of?? I am curious, because I have been on the road to better health as well and would love to be in on this...

  6. I would be in too, I've heard of other people doing something similar, probably like Lisa Marie was referring to, I'm guessing. Anyway, count me in if you get it started.


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