I love school performances!  They always make me teary eyed.  There's just something about seeing a group of kids, singing/dancing their little hearts out, that is so sweet.  It always reminds me of how proud our Father in Heaven must be of them, of us.  It is at times like these where I can feel of His love for all His children so strongly.  Hence, the teariness ;)

I've really enjoyed having Will in public school part-time.  He gets to participate in activities, enjoy some time with his friends, and spend some time away from me.  I might ruffle some attachment parents' feathers when I say that I believe it's important for children and mothers to have time away from each other.  I believe the time Will spends in school helps foster his sense of individual worth.  And school gives him the chance to practice what his parents preach.

It's a fine line, but I know that public school AND home school can both drain Will and energize him.  It's my job as his parent and ultimate teacher to figure out the appropriate amount of each.  And for now, this part-time schooling seems to be a good fit.  It's the best of both worlds!

Together, they can make such sweet music.  *B

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  1. Great pictures! I sure do miss seeing performances. It was always so fun to have Grandpa come watch each of you in your band and chorus concerts. I'm glad Will gets to do this.


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