that's uncle with a k

"K" stands for Kory, the handsome devil of a brother in the above picture (the one holding Monk, who calls him KaKa). He's coming to visit me today!!! I mean, he's coming to visit US, for a week! I'm so excited! So I thought I'd introduce him and let you know that I just might be a little MIA for a few days. We've got big plans.

You see, both of my brothers are extremely talented. Brother #2 (Elder Adam Borgia, at least that's what we'll call him for another 3 weeks!!!) is a fantastic artist and writer. Don't get me wrong, Kory is also talented in those areas. But where he really shines is in creating _____. That's right, he can create pretty much anything (hence the blank spot). He just finished up his Eagle Project last week and needless to say, I wasn't surprised with what he put together:

So this week my brother and I will be crafting side by side. We've got big plans. Last time we were together we made these. So yeah, I'll see him in 4 hours. Yay! And I think we'll start our adventures this week here. We'll be sure to take lots of goofy pictures of ourselves, our adventures and our creations. I'll keep you posted.

*credits coming


  1. Holy moly! Those horses are amazing! Even though I will miss my Beth fix every day, hope you have fun this week!

  2. Awesome Eagle project!!!

    Have fun with your family!!!

  3. See everybody, ALL my children are talented and creative! Yes, I am a little proud!

  4. Shannon7:12 AM

    Your week sounds so fun. I hope it is everything you are hoping for. I agree with Heidi. You are every bit as talented and creative as your brothers. You get it from your mom.

  5. Holy Brother! What an awesome eagle project!


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