these are a few of my favorite things

So those of you with sharp eyes may have noticed that the Favorite Things Swap banner has been replaced with another project. That's because, my friends, the aforementioned swap is over (and much thanks to Kelly for putting it on and pulling it off!). Sadness. But not really, because it was lots of fun! So I wanted to share with you the trinkets that I sent off to my dear partner (on their way, actually) and the lovely goodies that the sweet Christie gave me:

Awesome? HECK YES! So fun huh? Apparently we have a lot in common because I loved everything I got! Especially that she, a self proclaimed scrapbook snob (aka. the hard copy kind), gave me some "crappy" stuff annnnnnd a digital scrapbook magazine. How thoughtful! But here's the sad part: I can't find two of my gifts that she sent me! Christie also gave me a wooden "B" that is begging for a coat of Mod Podge, etc... but it has gone missing! I know I saw Will admiring it and carrying it around the house... hopefully I will find it soon and share the pics, because it really bums me out not having it. My partner also sent me a mini Sharpie pen, but my husband used it and now I can't find it either! Boys, grr.

And what do we have here? Here's a little peak of what I sent to her, wrapped. Poor thing, she just barely moved! That's right, she participated in all of this while moving across the country!!! So this little package is on its way to its new destination at her new home. I hope it will brighten her day:

And if you happen to be my swap partner, cease reading now!!! I want to show everyone else what is underneath all that pretty (and inventive ;) wrapping:

And this is what is inside the tin:

I hope she likes it...


  1. hehe, the boys in your life are mischievous! I hope you find the missing B and the sharpie.

    Cute stuff, by the way. :)

  2. Man alive - why didn't I get in on this give-a-way! Looks like I really missed out! Such a fabulous stuff!

    Hope you are having fun with your brother!

  3. What fun things! How fortunate that your partner is also into the scrapping stuff.

  4. beth- that is so stinkin cute!!! That block is just great. I'm sure your package will make her day :)

  5. I must say your partner is very lucky to be getting all those cute things! I love the block you made.

  6. um...actually, I think my husband's pupils were big because he was just in a dark room..it had nothing to do with me. HAHA. :)

    anyway, I didn't notice it before, but the bread seasoning mix looks YUMMY!!! I even zoomed in on it to get me a better look! Have you had it before?

  7. oooh.. fun.. I wish I had gotten in on the fun. Looks like fun stuff... I think I was worried I'd be the one person who got someone's DI stuff... like the time I signed up for a pen pal, and she would never write me!! And I was a very dedicated pen pal, mind you. And I was literate... she not so much. Oh well.

  8. Cute.. CUte! CUTE!! very cute all!


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