fishing for compliments

Well, not really. I was just trying to think of a clever title and that's what I came up with. Obviously my creative juices are a little on the diluted side. Anyway, so here are some of those long awaited pictures from our trip in Washington.

We were able to chill with the Summers for a few days and then another set of few days we went to the very Westernmost tip of WA where we relaxed and enjoyed each other's company. Brad and Dad went and fished with a group of manly men and caught us some nice eatery (check out my stud's haul down below)! Then the next day Mom, Will and I joined them for a day trip out on the boat in Neah Bay. The water was relatively calm and Will did great; loved every minute, especially when those minutes were spent with Papa in front of the wheel and all those buttons! Of course Monk knew exactly how that radio worked.
"Haling Wanlass!"

Now, I HATE these pictures of me, but I promised Brad I would show them. I also haphazardly promise that I do clean up nicely. But in all honesty, I had a blast, which is why Brad LOVES these pictures, because you can see how excited I was about catching such a large fish (a fish we believe to be a Yellow Eye, thereby making it illegal. So we left it there, to "lie with the fishes". More like lying with the seagulls... apparently this mammoth goldfish dies on its way up to the surface because of the sudden change in pressure on its way up causes it to explode, internally. What a shame. I felt terrible, albeit elated. Hmmm?).

PS- Totally unrelated, yet somewhat related simultaneously, notice the new blog theme: "Ocean City Girl" by Ivy. PERFECT! Enjoy.

*digital elements: lriordan_funky floral_frame. And I don't know where I got the frame cluster from; it's a freebie, naturally.


  1. You always look cute--cleaned up or otherwise! Love Will's cheeks smooshed against the life vest!!
    Now, I"m waiting for some pictures of
    Will pool bound in AZ!!!

  2. Yeah! I love the pictures that you posted and the ones that Uncle BJ sent for the newsletter last month. You guys caught some crazy fish. I like the picture of the one you caught! How awesome. All the pictures are soo cute! Love it.

  3. Beth, those fish are HUGE!! That's so awesome! Personally, I have to say that I think it's utterly retarded that you caught that fish (that part's not dumb) and it died on it's way up (that part's a little dumb), yet you couldn't keep it (that part is the most dumb). What the crap? I mean, if it's dead anyway, what does it matter if you keep it?! Not that you even want to, but hey...I'm arguing principles here!! :) And i love the pics...you guys look like you were having a great time.

  4. Geesh Beth...it is about time! Totally kidding...like you have nothing better to do than keep little Miss Meegan updated on every detail of your life. The fish---incredible, Will---adorable, and you of course---do clean up nicely. Thanks for the post. Love the pics.

  5. Go Beth! What a catch! And you look awesome woman!

  6. Hi B

    thanks so much for the page. it is great!!! i should hire you as an outsource designer for BBDO :).. seriously you'de be great .. just keep this brillinat work..

    and i am looking into options to make a trip over and come to see you. i've missing you everyday more and more and i want to see you in person so badly. i will keep you posted if i find a good deal (i hope i will):))))))

  7. What a pretty fish! How much fun for you and your men! Cannon loves to be on boats, it looks like him and Will would be regular Captain and First mates together!

  8. Shannon7:05 AM

    I think the pictures are darling! It looks cold though. I don't think I would have so much fun or be that good of a sport.

  9. Wow - those are some pretty cool fish! What a fun trip! I love Will's pudgy cheeks in the life vest picture.

    By the way - I got the shampoo and conditioner - Love it!

  10. Fishing is fun. Your fish looks crazy. How prestigious for you to be mentioned and linked on The Black Apple!


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