look, no beadboard!

  1. my kids are cute
  2. my floors are gross
  3. we love SpongeBob
  4. we hate our floors
  5. we love/hate paint
Brought to you by the fantabulously fabtastic iPhone.  Yes, it has changed our lives.  Yes, I realize how cliche that sounds.  And yes, oftentimes we wear pajamas all day, every day.  *B


  1. That's a keeper!! (My cute little babies are better than beadboard anyway.)

  2. Its about time you put a picture up there of your kids. They grow so fast! Such cuteness.

  3. Who are those adorable kids? Especially that little girl..wasn't she just born?! Glad your back to blogging! I missed my dose of Beth!

  4. They sure are getting big. Thanks for posting a picture of them.


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