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Now that I've reentered the blogging world, [cough] after a 3 month hiatus [cough, cough], I have questions:  How does one follow a blog?  What program, if any, do you use?  How do you keep up with all those dang blogs out there?!  And most importantly, how do you keep from wasting all your time drooling over reading blogs like this???  Maybe it's just me, but it seems like home improvement and craft (and clothing) tutorials are all the rage right now.  So darn and dangerously appealing.

I feel like I'm back in high-school, desperately wanting to fit in with the cool kids.  But then I remember that I gave that up and went off to college early instead ;)  The other night Brad and I went out with one of the coolest couples EVER, and us girls chatted about the blogging world.  Where so-and-so lives, what they're doing, etc.  I love how friends can keep in touch and get to know each other better via blogging.  And I love how you can make friends through blogging...

But how do you keep it from controlling your life?  Sometimes I'll hop off the computer completely inspired and excited to tackle projects.  But then other times I limp away from it, down in the dumps because I could never be as cool as "her" OR my house will never look like "that"...  On one hand, all the blog surfing/stalking turns into hours of motivational wow sessions, while on the flip side it leaves you feeling dejected and worthless.  So how do you keep it from controlling your life?

At the end of the day, I blog for me.  For my friends.  And for my family.  Just like any internet outlet, I believe blogging can be a definite positive; a force for good.  But if we're not careful, it can become a negative influence in our lives.  When it comes down to it, I want to live in the moment and not compare my moments with others'.  I want to enjoy the making of MY memories.  And I want to enjoy sharing them.  It can be done right, right?  *B


  1. Oh my friend, you inspire me! I love reading your blog because you make me want to actually write my thoughts or feelings instead of just pictures. But that is not what you asked about… To be honest I am probably the very last person to be answering anything about blog help because I also have no clue. How I follow a blog is when I sign into my blog there is a tab towards the bottom and it says, "blogs i'm following". then there is an add button and then you just add the blogs you want to follow. I really don't know much beyond that. Sorry. Also I don't know if it can be done not having blog envy, or hobby envy. I guess if we can't beat them, we should join them:)

  2. I agree that it can't be done without a little blog envy, I think that's part of human nature, but for me I just have everything in my google reader on my google homepage and then I star anything that interests me. Most of those things I never get back to, but if I remember it well enough that it is calling to me, I can go back through my "stars" and find it or I will just go through them all every once in a while and realize there is only a few left that I care about or need to comment on. Anyway, that is just what works for me because I could easily let it overtake me as well!

  3. Blogging is my only connection to friends & family at times. It's my outlet & i love it.

    1st you HAVE to change your blog list to from "list" to the "blog list" gadget. Then arrange the blogs you follow by post date. Then you are not rummaging through blogs w/o new posts. it's a tedious job, but sooo worth it.

    I guess I feel like it's my duty as a blogger Mom to stay in the loop with my blog friends. I except them to be there for me, & i will always be there for them.

    I have a quick plan for my blogging. For my personal posting I do just enough for my journal entry's and don't type too much. I don't like reading a ton either- unless it's necessary, & I don't except others to either. Then i check my list 2-3 times a day when i pass by the computer just to check updates.
    It sounds like a lot, but really unless I'm, really wanting to browse, it only takes me a total of about an hour a day, if that.

    I totally get how it can suck you in, but I haven't really had that problems yet. It's only had positive effects for me.

    Good luck! :)

  4. when I sit down to do the blogging thing, I check out my friends and family first and if I have time I will check out the blogs I enjoy, but I don't look at all of them, just the most recent few.

    I should be better, but such is life. I go in sperts some weeks much time is wasted, others I can't stand the blogging/facebook world.

  5. bloglines is what i use. I've got the blogs divided into categories. AND when I've found a crafty something I want to do someday, I put that particular post (not the blog's homepage) in my Favorites (also very organized by categories and sub-categories) so I'm not following the entire blog getting way more inspiration than i need because I can't do it all. nor do I want to.

    as for the envy...I think you'll have to find a way to deal with it that works for you. for a while I was in on the envy, but now they don't make me green. I really don't know what i did. changed my perspective maybe? decided what my priorities really are? sure I've got a dream home too (who doesn't?), but it's not a priority at this phase in my life. so put the dream on hold. that doesn't mean stop dreaming, it just means keep your head out of the clouds more often than not and be realistic. will that dream cottage really make you happy? for me it's been, will 2 to 5 grand spent on a spectacular but simple patio really make me happy? will i use my backyard more? I realized no. yes, that's it...I've changed my perspective and I've really been working on being content with what I have. especially since I have so much. just as you said the internet can be used good and bad...blogs have created yet another way for satan to get us to lust after idols and try to keep up with the jones'. careful with trying to keep up, you'll never be able to and even when you get close you won't receive the admiration and praise that you were expecting. lusting after anything is quite the trap.


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