mini quilt group

Once a week (sometimes more) I head on over to the parentals' for a little sewing action. Mom is the appointed president and I am the dutiful vice president. Sometimes Elsie comes in and offers her opinion, which is full of complimentary squeals, coupled with "helpful" fabric rearrangements. All done with my current work in progress under her feet, on the floor. And then there's Will, who comes in every five minutes asking if he can help. And sometimes I let him. He's getting to be quite the pedal pusher ;)

It's something I look forward to every week. We plan, cut, press, arrange, pin and press again. Always quick and ready to offer praises, suggestions, and thread. We laugh, we talk, we complain and we dream. It's the best quilt group I've ever been to and I'm proud to be an active member! *B


  1. I look forward to it, too. We really ought to start serving some refreshments though!

  2. Welcome back to blogging!

    Love the quilt! I want to make one. I'll add it to my list :)

  3. i think of you every time i see my lovely red and orange star quilt. you're a master :)

  4. ooh, I like that one.

  5. Oooh. I love that quilt! I've just begun one of my first *real* quilts since high school and realized again how much fun it can be! Yeah for quilting!


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