not so little anymore

After perusing through my blog yesterday, I realized that Elsie has grown up quite a bit since she was last featured. So thanks to some photos a la iPhone, here's my prissy missy in action:

She has hair now! And dare I say it, she gets cuter by the day. Which is extremely dangerous, because she also gets her way more often than not. She's a serious ham and a serious tease. And she is a very busy bee with her very own personality to rival that of her brother's. She's in love with animals, babies, jewelry, music, chocolate, olives and scrambled egg yolks. She can cry crocodile tears on cue and has a temper bigger than her britches! She is SUCH a girl, which is definitely new territory for me. If I hadn't delivered her myself, I'd wonder who her mother was ;)

And while it appears that I have a "big" toddler on my hands, she's still my pretty little baby. And she always will be. *B


  1. How old is she now? She seriously looks like a little girl Will. So cute!

  2. Wow!! I was thinking about her the other day and realizing that last time I saw her she was like 2 months old, I can't believe how much she has grown. She looks a lot like Will, but of course a beautiful girlie version!! I love that you're blogging again by the way, I have been wondering about your family a lot! I'm glad things are going well.

  3. Maybe you should show everybody how she looks all blinged out. Tutu frills and purse and necklace and bracelet. Did you ever think those words would participate in your blog?

  4. Shannon9:52 AM

    Okay, she is awfully cute!

  5. Completely adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  6. She is SO cute! I think that she is the cutest little girl!


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