going halfsies

Does anyone else have issues with finishing projects?  I'm real good at half finishing... in fact, the only thing I've finished from beginning to end is pregnancy.  Oh, and this quilt and pillow.  Both of which I'm super proud of.  Especially that bolster pillow!  But, because both are part of Elsie's unfinished bedding AND  therefore a part of the unfinished kids' room, I still feel unfinished and consequently unsatisfied.  Remember that to-do-list of mine?  The mile long one?  Yeah, that one.  I haven't even scratched the surface of it.  For crying out loud, I've had half of my walls half-painted for the past half-year!

There are just too many things I want to do (ie. decorate for Halloween!!!), and there are too many things I should be doing (ie. painting).  Unfortunately, watching this show and browsing this blog is not a part of my plan o' projects.  Pity.  *B

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  1. yes, unfinished is definitely unfulfilling. I've gotten to the point of not starting anything unless I know I can and will finished it. it's all about prioritizing. it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who's attention span is short besides being pulled in all directions.


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