sew cool

He's ALL boy, all right!  His outfit alone is proof of that... Star Wars + Legos + Halloween = Win x 3.  While he enjoys a good light-saber duel, he also seeks out "girly" past-times during his down-time.  He calls it his yarn work.  His next needle project?  A spider.  Pretty cute tough stuff for a non-matching, pajama-wearing (sick) boy.  Yay for manual dexterity that doesn't involve fists!  *B


  1. haha, he reminds me of my 2 boys {ages 5 & 3}. so cute.

    ps: you can't raise me a garland and not have it posted! i believe you, my dear, are calling a BLUFF! ;)

  2. That's probably the best thing I've ever seen! Love love love! :) XOXO

  3. That is so cute! I love it!


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