it's all about the Willie!

Just so you know, that's what I call my son, and I say that particular phrase all the time! I don't have a potty mouth, thank you very much! ;) Anyway, I was kind of embarrassed having that long post all about me, so I decided that, and as I promised, these next few posts are all about someone other than me, and that is Willie! And I don't do this very often, but I'm going to post more than once today! Woohoo! So let's all bask in the cuteness of my son!

To start us off, here's a little FYI for you. We've taught Will some pretty cool and handy tricks. Such as, high five, pound it, and raise the roof. Let me explain those latter two tricks. 1.) to pound it - think like a parallel high-five, with your fists; and 2.) to raise the roof - hands "raising the roof" with a holla "woo-woo!" Of course he gives some killer high fives, kisses and hugs, too! Oh, and he is using the sign for please consistently now. So he'll start whining for something and I'll just ask him "What do you say?" and then he will sign please. Yay! I'm working on "thank you" now, and he's got half of it, of raising his hand (or in his case, hands) to his chin. He looks awfully cute when he does it. Oh, and he busts some mad moves on the dance floor!

So this past weekend we made a mad dash to the grocery store to pick up some last minute ingredients for the linger-longer (I ended up making Italian Sausages... Besides, being a Borgia and being the avid Italian that I am, I had to have something a little more authentic than a pasta bake...). Anyway, so we were rushing around the store and ended up at the self-check out. It went surprisingly smoothly and we got our automated receipt out of the deal. Brad was holding Will and dipped down to let him pick it out. Monk was so proud of his prize! He clutched onto it all the way home, talking to it and such, and danced around with it once we were inside. So I managed to snap some photos because I thought it was just too cute!

Notice his infamous camoglauge jammies! I swear, he's in these all the time, which is why you see them on him so frequently! I love them because he looks so tough, for being the sweetie that he is!

credits: ksharonkdesigns, Digital Couture, and Margarete Antonio


  1. OH MY GOSH!! HE'S SOOOO CUTE!! Love the pjs!

  2. He's seriously the cutest little kid! He's a great combo of both of you. Speaking of sign lanuage, we went out and bought the new Baby Einstein DVD-my first signs. Not only has Bryce learned 20 (no joke) new signs, so have we. It's a great DVD. (not that I'm putting in a plug for them...LOL).


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