there are those

who always speak of themselves,
and they are either insecure or proud.
- Elder Douglas L. Callister

Well, maybe I'm both then! What do you think? I say this because I've got something to say along with something to show you! Oh, and so much for my vow of silence, once again broken. Kelly lovingly referred to her blog as her muse... I admit that I feel the same way. It helps me unload all of my thoughts/feelings and stay connected with family and friends. What's more inspiring than that?! :)

It seems like for the past couple of weeks all I've been writing about is mostly the contest. Yes, it was fun, and now it's over... for now at least. I've been working on the prizes, and everyone's magnets turned out so cute! I'm so excited to share them with you!!! And I'm currently working on Rob's prize and will probably start Clarissa's and Lindsey's tomorrow. And then next week, I'll probably ship them all off. And then I will post pictures of my handy work. And THEN it will be finished!

In other and totally non-related, although selfish, news, I had a little photo shoot this afternoon. Now refer back to the top quote. Insecure/proud... pictures of myself, speaking about myself... sheesh, am I full of it or what?! But, as I've noted before, I do consider this as my journal. I really wish I had more to post about the rest of my family (aka. Brad), but it's the same every day: sleep, eat, study... oh, and breathing (with some bathroom breaks throughout the day). We have been working out together every night at least. Besides those regular happenings, I mostly talk about myself and share silly stories about Will. It's pretty much what's going on. But I don't want to be insecure OR proud! So perhaps I should speak more of "stirring ideas, compelling books, and inspiring doctrine. [For these] are the few who make their mark in this world." Hmmm...

But before I do that, I guess I'll be self-absorbed and share this photo shoot with you. Brad came home a bit early so we could make a run to the grocery store (finally!) and he was the man behind most of the shots (obviously not the classic reflection of a self-portrait by mirror!), kindly reminding me to "suck it in" ... So here. Enjoy if you will. It's all in the name of fun, and fashion!!!

First off, I liked my outfit (new shirt from Target! Love them! And thanks mom!!!), including my Gucci knock-off clasp-watch from Mexico and my headband!!! I've been wanting to get a good pic of my headband up here for my knitting peeps (Heather, Danie, and Aunt K). I LOVE these (yes, I have two now, one's green, one's coral), as much as I ADORE Anthropologie, because it makes me look like I actually tried to do my hair, even though it's just pulled up, messily. I wear these every chance I get, whether it's a play date, or church (twice) or countless shopping trips! And you better believe I'll be wearing it to Disneyland next week!!! Woot woot! More on that later...

credits: doodle photo corners by Angie Briggs @ Scrap Girls


  1. Cute, cute, cute little girl! And I do like the headband on you! (You look too skinny though.)
    I love to read your blog, even if we talk all the time. You are an excellent writer and it is so much fun to hear you express yourself. You are neither proud nor insecure, just humble!

  2. You look so hip! I love the headband--and have been admiring those shirts from target for 9 months (maybe at some point I'll shrink into one.) Keep these photo shoots coming!

  3. I don't think you need to explain or apologize every time you post a picture of yourself or talk about yourself! Do so unabashedly! Anyway, I'd rather read about you than important "issues" - that's what I visit your blog for!

    The headband is so cute, I want one!

  4. Disneyland? Sounds like...fun...
    I think it's funny that I only get one angle of the headband to judge a pattern from:)
    It looks pretty simple. I can play around with the idea when I get more of my other projects done (preferably the hat and my brother's scarf).

  5. Anonymous5:45 PM

    You're a HOTTY...and you know it!!


  6. I love reading our blog! I haven't been able to the last few days, since our router was acting up and I didn't have computer access. cute pictures! I love the headband and shirt!!

  7. Well, I think all of us are a bit insecure and/or proud. Besides, that's what your blog is for - to tell us about you. I don't think you should worry about it unless the desire/need/whatever it may be spills over to real conversations and then you only talk about yourself...which you don't have a problem with. But ME on the other hand....yeah, the quote hit home with me, too.


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