i know what i said...

... but this was just too much to pass up and NOT share!!!

Can you believe this kid?!

{click on image}

So, I spent the morning cleaning the bathroom, starting some laundry, and washing some dishes; you know, like a good little housewife. I wearily and eerily realize that it was quiet, a little too quiet. So I peak around the corner, and there HE is, playing Chinese take-out with our toothbrushes and bar of soap.

Instead of freaking out, I opted for a photo shoot, deciding that this sort of thing was worthy of memory keeping...

and blogging...

I see that you concur...

And believe it or not, I had the thought during all of this that, "Hey! At least our toothbrushes are now clean!" And thus the end of my so-said silence...


  1. HILARIOUS! Those "Oh so quiet" moments are all too familiar here. I'm glad you opted for the photo shoot--these pictures made my day. Will is just way too cute!

  2. Still not quite as fun as when you dumped all my make-up in the toilet then sat IN the toilet and put some make-up on! (At 14 months old!) However, this is one of the joyous days of motherhood as I told you. Enjoy it!

  3. I'm glad your silence is over. I like coming and seeing something new.

    Hey, where's the word verification?

  4. That's so funny!! Oh man, what a character!

  5. I feel your pain...toothbrushes seem to be the toy of choice in our house too. Hey, atleast they are getting a head start on oral hygeine, eh?

  6. That's awesome! Definitely worthy of a picture!!! Oh, those quite moments-it could have been worse. At least the toothbrushes weren't in the toliet. :)
    Those are great pictures!

  7. This kid is a stinking GENIUS! I'll be he'll be some kind of surgeon or some other profession that requires an insane level of dexterity.

  8. Too funny! Isn't it sad that usually the silence means trouble. Way to positive.


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