all whilst crafting

So I've been busy crafting all day! And I'm done!!! I haven't decided whether or not I want to spray acrylic on some things... that'll have to wait until Monday, perhaps... but I have everyone's gifts/prizes just about ready to go! Now, what I am about to tell you may be shocking, maybe even horrifying: I let myself, and my house, go in the name of hobby-ing. I know, terrible isn't it?! If I really wanted to be a perfect Stepford housewife, I would have an immaculate house whilst crafting... but I'm no robot and I craft and mother all in the same space... all within 10 feet really.

It was during all of this, and upon realization that having let everything go, I had made quite the creative mess. I started to laugh at my ""studio" ... STUDIO?! WHAT STUDIO??? Hahahaha, hilarious! Especially when I remembered the holy grail of studios, à la Heather Bailey (do you hear the angels singing?!), I found my space stinkin' hilarious! So here's some comparative photos, of my dream studio:

Absolutely gorgeous! I want absolutely everything that this space contains and embodies! How could you NOT be creative in such a space?! It makes my heart swoon... everything to the last detail, such as this mirror >>>

Oh, and I've been telling Brad that when I do have such a studio, that it will be decked out in all sorts of Black Apple prints, such as this, and this, and this... *sigh*

Now let us compare to my space:

{during said crafting}

{after said crafting}

I'll have you notice the sippy cups and the dishtowels that I just haphazardly placed wherever whim took me. Annnnnd... do any of you see some little treasures? They're all there, you just have to look for them! Just a little teasing (as that is me to a 'T')! Speaking of which, I can use this post as a reminder to all those who haven't sent me your addresses to get them to me ASAP so I can mail them out the beginning of next week!

'Night-'night ladies. Oh, and yes, that is my kitchen area, where I'm supposed to be cooking... I find it easier to craft while standing, thanks to Monk. Sitting at the table, or perhaps on the floor? Not so much, because he crawls all over me and steps on or pulls at everything! So basically, I've been on my feet all day! That makes me feel a little better about not working out! See, I've been active and busy! That counts for something, right? Right.

ETA: I just noticed the different times on the clock between the two pictures! Haha. See, all day. I wasn't lying! ;)


  1. I love the picture of the studio~ I'd love to one of those too. Your "studio" looks great. That's amazing at all you can do in such a wonderful space. You really do need to teach classes on your crafty talents.

  2. Someday we'll all have our DREAM craft rooms!! Meanwhile - just know you aren't alone! AND - I love the photo shoot below! =)

  3. I did the same thing the other day! Paul helped me bring our kitchen table into the living room so I could craft and watch my favorite shows! I meant to get it all cleaned up that day but...it was just so fun to have there. I will gladly say though that it's all cleaned up...for now!

    P.S. - I talk about my future craft room to Paul all the time too!

  4. I'm amazed at the great things that can come from crafting in such a small space...I have to spread out far and wide just to use my paper trimmer...jeesh. I should take a class from you! "How to contain the crafty mess." I'd probably flunk!

  5. So were the clocks showing AM or PM?

  6. Love the creative clutter that you make! you have also turned me onto Black Apple and I think that I will be ordering some prints for the baby's room once I find out what this next graummit(?) will be.

  7. I'm going through summers camp withdrawls. Please post when you can.


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