lucky >>> boat trip!!!

I've been meaning to share these pics with family and friends for FOREVER!!! Some might remember when we had our adventures such as this in Seattle while we stayed with Brad's folks (remember Clarissa??? Finally, right?! :) So we were not only lucky enough to have lived with such wonderful parents, but they took us out on a 5 day trip to the San Juan islands in their boat. It was a total blast! It was a wee bit difficult with Will. I think he was like 10 months... yeah, sleeping was an issue. But it was TOTALLY worth it! Such a special treat, honestly.

Since I restrict myself when it comes to scrapbooking (somewhat ;), I've decided to only scrap a main page per event, and then the rest of the photos will be placed in pockets, like baseball cards, in the album after this so-called title page. Make sense? I've mentioned this before... anyway, so here are the rest of the pics of Will from our trip:
And if I may add, he is so cute! I'm so glad I was able to snap these of him poking his head out! I love them!

credits: Amy Tanabe, Gina Cabrera, Shabby Princess, Sarah Batdorf

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  1. How fun! I miss living so close to family-we always had great times w/ Uncle BJ and Aunt Marty and the family.


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