some sa-weet rides

Ok, so really, Will only went on one ride! But seriously, he was such a trooper, letting us push him around all day. He is the best kid ever! So, back to this ride. It was the Hungry Heimlich ride. Sooooo boring, except for the fact that Monk was having a blast (that's his fuzzy and huge finger in the photo...)! He did not, however, fully enjoy the whole waiting in line part of the ride! But he found a friend to talk to, and some sticks to play with, so he was pretty good. You can't quite his so called friend in the pics below, but that's who he is talking to (top left corner and bottom pics). I think he was chowing down on some PB&J, too (top right pic)... but his cheeks look like that most of the time :)
So, I'm liking my whole decision to just scrap one title page with the rest of the pics to follow... I just happen to use Picasa's hand-dandy collage tool to the max so I can get more photos in a post (you know, only one upload vs. 6!!!)! And I am liking this DS stuff WAY too much too! But I like being able to crank out so many pages, as opposed to just thinking about scrapping some. Anyway...

Ok, so really now, I have got to limit myself! I'm done. Seriously... well, who knows really... no, I've got to be strong! We'll just see how it goes. But I'd like to take a day or two off from blogging, and digi-scrapping, and actually spend some time with this boy I keep taking pictures of! Besides, I should probably let all you poor readers digest what's been posted within the past 24 hours!!!

credits: Paper from the Autumn Harvest kit, found at the ShappyPrincess or TheShabbyShoppe (which I am unable to link to at the moment). But on with the rest of the credits! Also used elements from Mighty Nice, Gina Cabrera, Andrea Victoria & Katie Pertiet @ DesignerDigitals, Kaye Winiecki, Linda GB @ ScrapArtist

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  1. You have a cute little boy! I like how you do your pages-seriously you need to teach how to do that.


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