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{Notice anything?!?!?! Hint: it's at the bottom...}

>>> My name, it's my name!!! Check it out, my first CT (creative team, for those dads out there) opportunity! I've made the guest spot on Nancy's creative team! She is an amazing designer and I am so excited to be working with her next month! I've got to come up with three layouts (pllllllease, I have ten already, from last month! Haha, see what obsession will do to you!) and I get to use her stuff (you can find her on her new blog, or at Oscraps and PocketPearlsPalace where she sells her beauties)! Nothing better! Sooooo excited (that's an understatement if I ever read one, or written one for that matter!)!!

And since we're on the topic, and since I'm guesting next month, I've been working on getting my stuff up onto some online galleries... but until that happens, I figured I'd go ahead and share these here (because here at least my moms will see them). So, here are two new pages I did last week, with some commentary (as is Beth style! Besides, I count this as my journaling, and I just copy and paste, print, and put it on the back of the pages, so you can read it while looking at the rest of the pictures that follow their title page)! Yay for commentary-slash-journaling!

First we have my first ever page of my hubby (hub for short...). Here's the story: Brad got his P90x program for Christmas, which calls for lots and lots of pull ups. So he made one handy dandy bar to do those pull ups! I'm not the only resourceful one in this relationship! That's right, we made a trip to Home Depot, got the supplies, and mounted it to the beam in our place. And yes, we got permission before doing so (although I'm pretty sure that this is NOT what she had in mind!)! It's worked pretty well so far, but who knows how long it will hold out, in all honesty. Oh, and Brad wants everyone to know how much he hates this picture (and all of the other pics from this particular photo shoot, hence their subsequent absence)! He will have you know that this is a before shot, only to be followed (shortly) by an after shot, to show off his increased buffness. So there.

And here's a page from our excursions at the park (the Malibu bluffs really) last Thursday. Remember how at the last play date there was a certain Jolene who I wanted to get to know better? Well I think I am on my way! We've set up some play dates on a more regular schedule so that we can get out of the house and socialize with someone other than our kid(s)! The Schooleys have two little girls, one's almost three (Heidi) and one is Will's exact age (Hayden). And they are both so cute and fun to be around, especially for Will!!! So I managed to get some photos taken at this said play date (which was quite the task, because the kids were everywhere!), so here are just a few:
Notice the really tired picture of Monk in the car, on the ride home... so cute! Oh, and I got the best picture of Heidi that I've begged her mommy's permission to use for one of my layouts next month, using some lovelies of Nancy's, of course! ;) I'm excited to actually do a girl page, yay! I sure hope we have a girl next...

credits for CrazyHub: Andrea Victoria @ DesignerDigitals, Angie Briggs @ ScrapGirls, Khristy Schmidt & Leah Riordin @ Oscraps, Shabby Princess Kristie, Gina Cabrera, elliesmama @ ScrapArtist, Misprinted Type.
credits for JustBoy: elliesmama @ ScrapArtist, Misprinted Type, Shabby Princess Kristie, Sarah Jones,
Heidi Williams (Weeds & Wildflowers), Jeanelle Paige, Gina Cabrera

And of course the photo collage/Polaroid stack is thanks to Picasa... and in case it's getting old, no worries, because I finally got a photo cluster! But this method remains the easiest...


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I am so excited for you! You should be quite proud. Thank you sooo much for my wonderful and adorable magnet! I have it on my fridge. Please tell your mom thank you for mailing it out! I can't wait to see your layouts for next months article. Love ya!

  2. I love that I leave your blog smiling to myself for quite a while.

    I love the pic of Will with the little girl, yelling or something.

  3. beth, darling...you are just too sweet! Funny you should ask about my photo...now of course, yes, that is me, but no, I don't always look so "put together". I usually have no makeup, a ponytail and sweats! The photo was taken before my daughter's baby blessing, and yes, I actually got ready on that day (which can be rare lately). But I will admit that you made my day with your sweet words! And yes, oh yes, please link me! I will link back when I do some updating on my blog. Oh...and congrats on the Creative Team! That is really exciting!!! Love your digital stuff...I have been visiting your blog for about a month now, and I love what I see! Thanks again!

  4. WOW! Beth, Congrats! This is quite the accomplishment! I can't wait to see the pages that you come up with in the future!

  5. Congrats!! I'm looking forward to seeing your creations!

  6. ashley8:31 AM

    Congratulations on being guest designer. That's awesome. Love your pages too.

  7. Congratulations! Even though I have no clue about the digital scrapbooking world and what a creative team is or why you would want or need to have one. Congrats nonetheless!

  8. WAY TO GO. What a fun project for you and fun to be famous!

  9. Have you heard enough kudos or do you want more?? Congratulations, and remember to stay sweet and humble in the midst of all the notoriety!

  10. Beth, good for you! I hope it's a ton of fun and you can live inspired!

  11. Another congrats to add to the rest!! That's amazing... and was there a hint about being pregnant again? j/k =) Thank you for the magnet!! It came very nicely packaged by your mom--so thanks to her too!!

  12. Awesome- they are lucky to have you!


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