no such luck

I was right in the middle of creating this cute page to celebrate the holiday (St. Pat's for those of us who are totally out of the loop... like me this morning *blush*) when my program restarted itself and I lost it, lost it all! What I was going to say was this:

"Lucky U" { actually, I'm the lucky one!
I've been thinking for the past 24 hours of how lucky
I am to have such good friends. Friendship is so important,
nay, vital, to me and I wanted to let you know how much
I appreciate everyone's friendship. Whether that relationship
is maintained via blogging {comments}, emails, snail-mail,
phone calls, or some very real-life shoulders to cry on,
every friend of mine has been there for me
in some way or another and at some point in time.
It saddens me that as our lives change,
many friends will be "lost"... some of us (aka. me)
aren't as good at keeping in touch as we would like to
and you know what, that's ok. Because, what I've realized
is that everyone has their own and varying capacities
to show their friendship. And every single friend
that I have made or will make will always be a friend to me,
regardless of any silence or time passage.
I've been told that I would make many and good friends,
because I would be a good friend in return.
I hope that I have been that for you.

I got a fun little email from my Aunt Ariane (thanks so much!!!) with a cute little message/saying/question that I'd like to post to you: Did you wear your green today? If you didn't, you're lucky that I can't pinch you through the computer! Haha! At least it brought a smile to my day! And sadly, I totally forgot that it was Green Day until after Brad left for school and I heard some voice announce it on the Disney Channel. Shoot! I had wanted to do something fun, like my mom always did. Or like my mother-in-law (who is the absolute best MIL I could have asked for!) would sneak green into Brad's breakfast or lunch somehow... and I had wanted to do something similar for him today. But no such luck! Besides, I don't have ANY food coloring! Although, he does get a salad for lunch today... that counts, right? Oh well.

I was also thinking of scrapping something, but I'm "crapped" out from making other stuff (which is why I decided to do some little thing in the digi field, but no thanks to the aforementioned fiasco!). It's been a LOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGG week, but more on that tomorrow.

credits: clover swirl by Carrie Bombrias


  1. Well, you have always been my very best friend! Thank you for your thoughts and your sweetness!

  2. That's a very wonderful post! I love it. Thank you for being such a wonderful cousin and a wonderful friend! I always feel so much more uplifted after reading your posts.

  3. Hey Beth...This is heather - Jolene's cousin. I finally saw your blog link on her site. You are so cute! I love your 'lucky' journaling and the swirl. Have you heard 'The Luckiest' by Ben Folds. It is such a sweet song. I'm going to be checking your blog out now. Yippee! Have a good day!


You're currently in the process of making my day. So thanks for that! *B