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Yet another one of our adventures in Seattle: hiking Mt. Rainier. It was way fun! It was soooo hot that day, that we just had to make a run for it! To the hills!!! It was nice to get a break from the heat and it was a really fun trip up there! Will was a trooper and I was lucky to catch lots of cute pics. The perfect lighting gets all the credit! Man, those were the days... when Will would wear a hat! We really need to be doing more activities like this while we're here in CA. Heck, we live right across the street from a county park (I think there might be two actually!)! Ok, ok, so we've been slackers; slackers all around!
Well, that's it for now! I'll be sharing some more in a couple of days (more adventures from WA AND from this past week at Disney)! So I'll get cracking on those when I can. Thanks for viewing! Oh, and this is probably my favorite page I've done so far... there, there's one tidbit relating to me! I'm working on it! :) And so now, I'm done for at least a day or so!!! Besides I've got to get some work done on my Mess... sheesh! So, later it is!

digi-credits: Amy Tanabe @ ScrapArtist, Shabby Princess, Weeds & Wildflowers, Sarah Carling, ksharonkdesigns, Margarete Antonio, Leah Riordan @ Oscraps and Mighty Nice. And since I'm new at this and don't really understand if this is even necessary, I got the idea for this layout from a hard-copy scrap-booking mag, and her name is Amanda Probst*... I sure hope I've got everyone included so that the credit is given where the credit is due! I'm always nervous about things like this...

*ETA: I found her! And you can check out more of Amanda's layouts here.

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  1. Oh... (sigh) how I miss the beautiful NW. I miss living by family! I love the pictures. I like your family, the pictures of Will and the picture of Uncle BJ and Aunt Marty.


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