the lounging lad

It's been just plain beautiful here these past couple of weeks. And Will LOVES to be outside. But we can't just be outside all day, because then we'd miss all of our shows and the tellie! Haha, just kidding. Anyway, we have farm split doors (or whatever they're called), so we've been opening the top half so as to bring the outside in and to let Will enjoy it from the inside. We place our coffee table next to the door so Will can peer outside, and he will do so for hours!

Well, a couple of days ago I gave him his bottle and turned around to find him lounging on the coffee table! These aren't the best of pics, but at least I caught the moment, right?

Isn't this kid the greatest?! I just love him to pieces!

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  1. Oh to be a toddler again... LOL
    Very cute pictures. I love pictures like that. I love the doors! I miss the NW's weather.


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