is this what you've all been waiting for???

So I tried to do the whole video thing... a couple of times... this one here is almost pointless, since you can't even hear mine and Will's commentary (you bet that boy has something to say, about everything!). But it went something like this, "Ok, here we go. Will, you want to help Mama draw some names? Let's see, it's about a quarter to eight... Oh look at my messy kitchen- no don't look. Here Will, let's put some crackers in there. Come on, pick out some paper. Oh, that's a cookie... Oh thank you. Mmmmm. Ok, try again. No, that's a cookie..." But if you'd like to see the mute version, then click away on the below pic-link. AND Will did pick the names; I have proof, see? >>>

{click on image}

Soooooooooo... the winners are (that's right, winner*S*)... drum roll please... presenting the winners in Olympic and darling egg-cup style:

  • 1st place- Clarissa Meegan! You'll be receiving some custom made baby blocks for your new and upcoming sweetie-pie! They'll look something like a mix between these and these, and will spell out B-A-B-Y. And they're non-toxic, so no worries (unless you don't like them, and then I'll be the one worrying...). Congratulations missy Riss (which I readily admit I've never called you before, but it just seemed so dang appropriate...)!

  • 2nd place- Robin Openshaw! Yay for Rob, my very own flesh and blood (not in the she's-my-daughter way, but that she's-my-cuz)! We go way back, huh? Anyway, this fantastic gal will get a decorative wall plaque thing-a-majig, to help funkify her apartment (of which I am totally jealous of)! You go girl (ha, another thing I don't say, unless it's directed at Robin... :)

  • 3rd place- Lindsey Zufelt! Woohoo for my new friend! Lindsey is the beloved and beautiful sister of Ashley H. and Shelly B.. And she gets the weirdest of all the trinkets, a bedecked wooden spoon! Don't worry, it's sooooo cool, I promise! Just don't cook with it. If anything else, you can use it for swatting flies...

But wait, we're not done yet!!!
And to say thanks to all those who entered and therefore supported my silliness, a consolation prize: lil' maggies! So I need everyone who entered to send me your addies. And I'll be posting all the menus over at the Mess in the next few days. If you'd like to send me your recipes to post over there, too, then greatness! Please do so, 'cause I'd love them!

So thank you all, I had fun and hope you did, too. This probably won't be my last give-away, since I am in love with these things! Also, I'll be taking a break for a bit. Maybe a week or two. I'll be making and sending out these prizes, along with some belated thank you cards, and I've got projects screaming at me (besides cleaning my house or doing laundry or paying attention to my Mess), such as: scrap-booking (hopefully digi and hard-copies) and sewing projects (quilts, pillows, an apron, a trash can cover- trust me, it needs it!)... etc. etc. etc. So yeah, we'll see how long this veto will last! Ha! Take care of your bad selves and see you in a few + few days!

{Winners' photos courtesy of, in order of appearance:
credits: Angie Briggs (Scrap Girls), Misprinted Type, and Nancie Rowe Janitz @ ScrapArtist.com


  1. Beth! :) Thank you SO much!! That is so exciting! And on an even greater note...I have those same canisters from the Olympic picture! My first blog contest and I'm a winner!

  2. Congrats, ladies. Now when can I get my grimey mitts on some recipes??

  3. Yay, yay! I love winning! Thanks, Beth! I will send a couple of my recipes for you.

  4. Thanks for doing this Beth-it was so fun! Congrats to all the winners. I'm excited to see some recipes. I'll get mine to you soon.

  5. YAY for the winners! What fun prizes. (You better take pictures and show them off.) Sorry I didn't play....ummmm....that's cuz we eat out about every other day. LOL Yeah, I sooo love to cook...but I hate this apartment kitchen, so we go out. :D Can't wait for you to share the meal plans.

  6. this isn't about the recipe thing that i didn't participate in... but i seriously think your little boy has the most kissable cheeks! i just want to mush them!

  7. WAHOO!!! I have been salivating over those blocks for months! Can't wait to see them! Thanks for the fun contest! Can't wait to see a few of these ladies' recipes!

  8. Hooray for all the winners!! Beth -it sounds like you've got some fabulous prizes in mind! Thanks for putting on this fun contest! I'm excited to see everybody's recipes! YUMMY! Do you want us to post them on your blog or e-mail them to you?

  9. I'll tell ya what. If you don't mind emailing me the recipes (because you don't have to), then that would be GREAT! :)

    Also, when I post everyone's meal plans over on the Mess, I wanted to have their picture and a link to their site... you know, kind of high-light the masterminds behind these plans!

    So for those of you whose pictures I don't have, or can't "steal" off of your site (like you Brit), then please send me one so I can floof it all up and glorify your pretty faces! Thanks!


  10. Ashley Hollis7:38 PM

    Yeah to my sis!!! Congrats.


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