happy spring and they're off!

Spring is in the air, and it has been for quite a while here... :P But just in case you were wondering if Spring had appeared here in more ways than one, yes, yes it did... in my hanging fruit basket of all places!!! Check out my beautiful sweet potatoes and there strangely beautiful and exotic shoots... they kinda look like flowers... actually we have some gorgeous blossoms right outside my bedroom window. I'll be sure to take a picture of that to gloat over! Ha!

Ok my dearies, the prizes have FINALLY been shipped off. Sorry it's taken me so long to get them to you! And hopefully it's worth the wait... Below is a picture of what the ladies won. I've numbered the page so I could point out things (behind the scenes like, haha). So you'll have to click on it to see it all up-close and personal! Oh, and I need to note that my fabulous and oh-so marvelous, wonderful, etc. mother of mine graciously took these home and mailed them off for me. Isn't she magnanimous??? But, what's more, not only did she pose the prizes for some pics, but she also went and got some cute cards and put some extra cute touches in the packages. So here's a hearty public welcome mama! Than you, times infinite!
1. Thanks to my mother's eye for cuteness and my brother's work (Eagle project), we have Clarissa's baby blocks set on a cute rocking chair! Hmm, maybe uncle Kory could whip one up for his nephew???
2. So I got a little carried away with distressing... It had to be lighter somehow, so that the letters would show. Besides, I keep telling myself (it's my new motto in fact), that every mistake just makes it that much more endearing. *grin*
3. Such a cute little elephant! And you should see it right-side up! (There's one on each block).
4. Such an awesome display my mother came up with! Fabulous! Notice the shy charm, which leads us to...
5. There it is! You can hardly see it! But it's there! I did my own drilling and my own bending of hanger wire. Labor of love (that I also enjoyed doing)!
6. Crazy and funky spoon, eh? I guess it's more of a spatula... The colors aren't really showing up as beautiful as they are in real life... but trust me, it's pretty, albeit weird... anyway, as for the numbering, that's a little "button" of sorts. It's an L, for Lindsey.
7. And a Z for Zufelt! I don't know how long she's been married, but it's always fun to have something collecting dust that has your new initial on it! Hmm, I also got carried away with the fringe. Heck, everything down to the photo cluster I ran off with! Ooh, and notice the book prop rack thing... I have that too! So me and my mom match! Oh, and that's a quilt I made for her, too (her pride and joy :)

So there you have it folks! Thanks for playing! Everyone who participated will be getting some package of some sort soon enough! Hope you like them! Because it was fun making! Oh, and I thought it would be so fun to see how you guys display your maggies/blocks/plaque/spatula! So email me any pics you end up taking, I'd love to see them!!! Now on to make that lil' prize for Heather... and fix that apron for Will... and figure out how to upload my layouts (yes, I have two more since last time!) onto 2peas... and hookup/install my new printer (thanks Dad!) so I can start cutting out that bunny pattern...

credits: Angie Briggs @ ScrapGirls, Gina Cabrera, Shabby Princess, Misprinted Type, Margarete Antonio, and Nancie Rowe Janitz @ ScrapArtist.


  1. De rien! (remember any French?)
    Anything for you sweetie! You are the talented and clever one in the family, well, so are your brothers, and your Dad . . .maybe everybody has something! It was fun to have this little contest.

  2. your potatoes make me want to send you pictures of my little green nubs of tulips and day lillies coming up, so I can gloat too. I saw them today and it made me so excited! (I'm so excited because I planted them myself... I have little baby tulips/day lillies and some other bulb that I forgot what I planted..oops.)

  3. You are marvelous deary, marvelous! lol
    You are definitely amazing! Glad we're family. :)

  4. You never cease to amaze me! What a talented woman! Can't wait until the blocks arrive!

  5. But we all know you posted your sweet potatoes because you saw me post my onion!


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