birthdays and polaroids

In honor of my parents celebrating their birthdays this week, I thought I would share a few things. First I'd like to start off with this:

Middle age is when you choose your cereal for the fiber,
not the toy. ~Author Unknown

Believe it or not, that picture was taken from the back of a box of Raisin Bran cereal! Am I the only one to find this a hilarious and fortunate coincidence! Sooooooo fortuitous, wouldn't you agree?! Seriously, busting a gut over here! Won't someone join me?

Moving right along -- as it is my pop's (as my bro. would call him) bday today, I made him a little present. You see, I was in the creative thinking process in regards to my mother's gift, and it dawned on me that the last thing I made my own father was a raggedy neck pillow years ago! So, I made this desk ornament, call it a light paper weight if you will...

Also, in his honor, I went with the polaroid stack, yet again (besides, it's so easy peasy!!!). You see, and in case you didn't notice, my dad is an insurance agent and I have "fond" memories of his polaroid photo shoots, because I was sometimes "lucky" enough to be present. Other times, when I wasn't with him, there would always be stacks and stacks of polaroid pictures (mostly homes and cars) either in the office at home, or the office at work. And since I am his daughter, and having worked for him in the past, I am well exposed in the ways of polaroids (nice pun eh?!). There you have it.

{yes, that is what I call him, and yes, you could definitely call me a daddy's girl}

But wait, there's more! It's also my mother's bday this week (tricky folks, going and having their births on the same week, albeit a year apart...). And she's been having a rough week, or a rough past two days (same diff), so I thought that this might cheer her up:

Aren't they (my parents) adorable?!
I just love them (my parents)!

Okay, okay, there's even more mother! I can't just tease you with that above pic, so here you go. Happy early birthday and I hope this will at least bring a smile to your face, and know that I'm thinking of you, miss you, and love you. And when it's your day for reals, I'll post some more pics of these close-up so you can read the quotes. ETA: it's a picture holder, hence its holding a picture...

So I would like to say happy birthday squared to my wonderful and loving, ever supportive, parents of mine: my mama and my daddy! Oh, and I'll get these to you two as soon as the next time I see you, whenever that may be! ;)

PS- thanks for all the well wishes below; you're all the best, which makes you the bests, since there's more than one! :) Hugs all around, intangible ones at that!
Oh, and the distressed/curled photo frame is by Katie Pertiet @ Designer Digitals.


  1. Beth,

    Thanks for the present. I can't think of a more appropriate one. It will take a special place on my desk. It should make for a good conversational piece. One I will always cherish.
    Love Daddy

  2. Aren't we the lucky ones? Yes, we are! Thanks for yur sweet thoughts and cute, cute gifts. You have given us so much through the years!

  3. I can attest that they will love them! Your blocks are the best!

  4. Wow! Your parents must be so wonderful! They raised a very wonderful daughter! I'm sure they'll definitely treasure those wonderful gifts you made them.

  5. Hey nice new header! I like! I like!

  6. Hey, where did you find instructions for messing with the HTML to add a picture to the background? I've been searching for comprehendable instructions for the html illiterate and have had not much success.

  7. BTW...I do like yours.

  8. Why are you "grr"-ing at my myspace?

  9. You are so creative and thoughtful!! What lucky parents you have, they did quite to job at raising a great daughter. Thank you so much for my little maggie gift too. I love it and it is so cute!!


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