In the words of Goofy himself... haha! :) So, I lied. It's kinda funny, because since/with the slew of yesterday's posts (Four! I know, craziness!), I've been kind of reversing my role as Summers Camp. That is, I've been sharing more pictures and writing less! Once again, craziness! There were just so many fun and cute pictures floating around, begging for me to share! And I've been going crazy with layout ideas, so I had to hit two birds with one stone! And something you should know, which helps explain my well developed and aforementioned craziness is best described in the words of Robin "If you know me, when I get interested in something, I get WAY obsessed with it for a while. Then it dies back down. But right now [...]" (another FYI, if you haven't already hopped, skipped, and jumped on over to RedRobinLand, well, get to it! Rob is my idol, in a non-worshiping kind of way! She's so talented on so many levels... if I could choose to be someone else for even a day, it would probably be her...). Anyway, I thought we had decided that I was in the mode of more pics, less talk! Ha! So these next two posts (once again, same day >>> me, crazy?) are all from our fun trip at Disney CA. Enjoy!

Will LOVES the water. He's even loving the shower now (no, we don't have a bathtub :( ! So, having remembered from previous trips to this oh-so fabulous theme park (I know some of you may disagree, but as for me and my household, we love it!) we brought along some extra clothes for this reason alone! I took lots of pictures (as you can tell!), but here's the funny part. I was walking over to get Will and got nailed with a shot of water! I was even thinking while mosying on over, "I'm pretty sure I'm not in the direct path of any of the fountains..." when splat! What's more, Brad was purposefully standing in the middle, TRYING to get wet, to no avail!
And last but certainly NOT least, a big hearty thanks to my family for coming and visiting (and for springing the bill)!!! It was such a nice break if only for a day! Really, thanks so much.

credits: layout idea by Amanda Probst* with elements from Gina Cabrera, Jeanelle Paige, elliesmama @ ScrapArtist, and Leah Riordan @ Oscraps.

*ETA: I found her, from that mag I was talking about (I got it from my grandma)! Turns out the magazine is Creative Keepsakes. And you can check out more of Amanda's layouts here.


  1. It's true--the funniest part was when you got plastered by the fountain! Sorry.
    (You must be spending hours on the computer, when you could be making presents for your parents, or other deserving people awaiting monumental birthdays . . .)

  2. Is that why you were online all day? Sheesh!

  3. Oh boy! Thanks for the not-so-subtle plug for my blog :). Seriously, though, you said some nice things.

  4. B, love all the pages. They are so cute! You are posting up a storm over there! It takes me like half hour to read everything you post each day, you crazy girl!

  5. So, by the way, I do LOVE all the pages posted and the subject matter!

  6. I can't get over your artsiness(I know it's not a word. Oh well!) I absolutely LOVE the water baby scrap page! Have you stopped regular scrapbooking or is the digital scrapping a sweet addition?Anyway, you're great!

  7. Ashley H7:05 PM

    I love your scrapbook page. Isn't it so addicting?!??!

  8. I love the pictures! Those are sooo cute. I love how you make your scrapbook pages.


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