uh, ugh, ta-dah

All rightey girlies! I've got this all rigged up the way I want it, so read carefully. Each picture featured is linked to its owner's respective meal plan. And, in case you were wondering who's who, everyones names are under each grouping, in order of appearance (and the link will take you to their web-site, NOT their meal plan; again, that's what their picture is for- besides showing off everyone's beautiful faces!!!).

And I hope y'all don't mind that I had to do some, umm *cough* stalking, to get your photos... I'm freakishly resourceful, you could say! But, don't worry, I am NOT going to stalk you for reals, in order to get your address. Remember dears, if you would like your consolation prize, then email me your addy for your maggie! Oh, and if you don't like your picture and would like to have another one in its stead (or removed all together) please, don't hesitate to let me know, and then please accept my apology! Also, you'll discover that I tried to link as many meals as possible to any corresponding recipes, whether they were mine or others that were submitted. You are more than welcome to send me your recipes to add to the Mess, but it's not required.

{Quite a Month-ful}

Clarissa, Jolene, Amy, Heather, Me (*PS*), and Lacey

{Two Weeks Notice}

Robin, Lindsey, Amanda, and Katie

{One-durful Week}

Heidi (aka, Mom), Candra, Janelle, and Brittanie

Thanks again gals, it's been fun! And I think I'm going to follow Katie's example and get "lost" for a wee bit. For reals this time! Unless, of course, something crazy happens again! Oh, and I hope you enjoyed my clever titles for the different categories {like month-ful instead of mouthful... notice how an upside down 'n' is a 'u'! I know, I know, I'm soooo deep...} HA!!! :P

*PS*- I'm embarrassed of the fact that not only did I put a picture up of myself, but also that the reason I did so was because it wasn't even!!! I'm really not that self-involved! Oh, obsessive compulsiveness, grrrrr! And no, I did not put myself in the drawing... although, perhaps I do deserve a lil' maggie... hmmm.

credits: Misprinted Type and Nancie Rowe Janitz @ ScrapArtist.com


  1. Nice frames! And I don't look too shabby in it! Thanks for the nice touch. I always love to see a pictures of you!

  2. too bad everyone is smiling but me. I really look like an ice queen in that pic. I think you did that on purpose! :D


    I didn't even realize I was entering when you asked what we ate.

  3. I like how you cut my husband out of the picture! haha!


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