none of that, but some of this...

Sorry, no video. I don't know what to do about it. When I filmed it, I turned the camera hot-dog wise (you know what I mean) and the video came out sideways... does anyone now how to rotate a video??? I don't think it's possible. Oh computer gurus, where are you? Oh well. If I figure it out, I will post it ASAP (and if not, then I WILL get a vid of Will's groove thang). In the mean time, I created yet another page, hopefully to make up for the lack of the promised video ("...so sorry..." -whispered like).

credits: pretty sure everything is from Shabby Princess,
with fonts by Misprinted Type and Margarete Antonio

I admit that it took us a while to get used to the idea of Will eating on his own. Mostly because we live in a furnished apartment with expensive artwork and new carpet. But about a month ago, I gave the thumbs up and Will took to it like a gopher takes to dirt! So I snapped some photos and voila! There you have it! I probably should hold off on the scrapping until I get some credits up (see the past few posts)...

oh heck, here's one more:

day left until the aforementioned contest is fini (that's French for finished, I think... it's been a while). This here contest will conclude March 1st, 2007. But you have all day tomorrow to turn your plans in (and you don't have to include recipes with your plans, although I may ask you for some later ;) In all honesty, I will probably close the polls the following morning- that would be Friday 10:00 PST-ish. Consider it a grace period my friends, because I love you all so gosh dang much! Smooches to all!

last digi credits: Shabby Princess and Angie Briggs (Scrap Girls)


  1. Ashley H.9:58 PM

    Oh heck....I would give you my meal plans for March. (Which I just barely started planning a whole month in advance.) But I'm afraid you'd be disgusted by the type of food we eat. NOT HEALTHY STUFF.

    I love your digital page. Lately I have taken a break from Digiscrappin and have been sewing. I am no good but trying to teach myself.

  2. Link away. I am going to link to yours if that is ok.
    I am trying to decide if I want to enter my recipe plans. From the looks of everyone else's plans they eat healthy and really plan side dishes. I feel like ashley h. in the fact that we don't eat healthy either. Diet? What's a diet? Actually we are trying to eat healthier.

  3. I need some Digiscrapping lessons Beth. I can't believe how many you can put out in a short amount of time. Love the pictures of Will. I can't believe how big he is!

  4. Hey everyone! You can send me your plans, no matter how you eat!!! No worries, seriously!

  5. As for the video...no you can't turn it. you just have to learn not to turn the camera when video taping. :) you could just post it anyway; we can turn our heads...or the monitor.


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