will thy name is sweet

Seriously?! How cute can this kid get?! That's him at Nana & Gramp's, playing on my piano (when I get a house...). And this lil' ol' picture over here is from this past summer! It belongs in a calendar, wouldn't you say? I did not pose this kid or dog! He was watching Papa Summers blowing leaves on the back porch and I guess the pup was of similar mind/curiosity... Too, too sweet! And yes, he is as cute from the front as he is from behind!

*credits* - created using digital art by Shabby Princess, Gina Cabrera, and Margarete Antonio.


  1. Those are the CUTEST pictures ever! Those are adorable.

  2. super cute. How do you do those darling frames on the photos?

  3. I use GIMP, which is an image manipulation program (like photoshop)...

  4. sexydudleys9:15 PM

    So...Will and the dog...BEST PIC EVER!!

  5. Oh, we miss Will! (You, too, of course!) And those are still some of my favorite pictures. The problem is--EVERY picture of Will is cute! How can you pick the best?


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