oh la la, a contest

ETA (thanks L!): I guess the main purpose for this is because I'm lazy and wanted help coming up with some new and exciting meal plans for next month. I don't really know what will be the prize... just something, that's sure to have my "stamp" on it :) whether or not it's really worth anything is up for debate!

Check it out, I'm running a contest ! I thought it might be fun to have everyone, who is interested, submit meal plans for next month. So here's how it works: an entry counts as one planned week and you can enter up to 4.5 weeks (a month's worth) of meal plans. You can submit your plans here or there, either as a comment or an email (found in my profile). At the beginning of March I will have a drawing and the winner will receive a little prize or a gift of sorts, Beth style.

Now don't fret my dears, this isn't supposed to be stressful to anyone. So if your week's meal plan happens to contain three off days (whether it's take out, restaurant, frozen dinner, etc.), that's ok because it's your plan! And you don't have to use any of my recipes or any of my tastes (aka. healthy meals :) This is just for your family, however and whatever you want to cook. Savvy?

I'm also thinking of expanding my Mess to include more meals outside of my style of cooking. So you are more than welcome to email me one of your favorite recipes (even if it calls for a cup of mayonnaise) if you'd like it to be added to the site, just for fun. I'll also be adding another label to the site named "just plain tasty" for recipes that aren't necessarily concerned with calories and taste dang good! Basically, I want people out there to feel like they have a variety of recipes and meal plans (not just mine) to choose from and to have the courage (because it does take time, initially) to plan their meals. I guess I decided this because there are so many cute girls out there posting their digi-recipes for truly tasty, albeit sinful, dishes and treats... and what do I post? Protein Bars! Hahaha! I've accepted the fact that I'm a food nerd, particularly a health nut nerd. But not everyone is and that is just fine with me :)

So happy planning! You have the next few days to plan away, so get busy! And have fun, I don't want this to be a chore or a bore!

credits: Shabby Princess & Misprinted Type.


  1. Will you make me something even if I odn't win? I will submit something, not earth-shatteringly fun or creative, but something! You know how I LOVE (not) to cook anymore!

  2. You can enter ANYTHING you like!

  3. Hi Beth!! You have NO IDEA who the heck I am! =) I stumbled onto your blog awhile back and you do such a cute job with it! Anyway - I really like your BETH'S MESS site and thought I'd join in on your nifty meal plan contest. =) Thanks for all the fun recipes. I've been in a cooking slump for the past couple of weeks - so I really need to do something to jazz up my meal plans! I'll put down what I have planned - but I'm thinking I might just have to change it a little bit. =)

    Wednesday: Chicken Fajitas and
    Mexican rice
    Thursday: Orange chicken, rice,
    broccoli, and fruit
    Friday: Goolash
    Saturday: Tortilla Soup (I have a really yummy recipe for this one too!)
    Sunday: Marinated Pork Chops, pasta, and veggies
    Monday: Leftovers!! (my hubby gets home late on that night and I never feel like cooking a fancy meal for my girls and me!)
    Tuesday: Beef and Chipotle burritos (sooo yummy!!!)

    I hope you don't think I'm a psycho blog stalker or anything!! =) Yikes!!


  4. Brittanie, welcome and thanks so much, for everything! :) And no, I don't think you're a psycho blog stalker! Pllllease, I blog-hop ALL the time!


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