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And a wee-bit commentary! I decided to forego any digi-scrap attempts, because I most likely will later (with paper, embellishments, etc.) and post them when I get my other site going... some day... but these pics were just too good to wait for my fancy work, that I'm just going to put them up here, LARGE! These were taken by Brad's parents' camera; that's right, they were here, visiting us! Only for just a few hours, but it was SOOO fun! Thanks for coming mom and dad!

This picture below looks like it should be an advertisement for the military... Will is calling you to arms folks! In reality, he's pointing to the camera because he wants it in the worst way!

What a beautiful smile and such a happy boy! Brad and I were just saying last night that we hope all of our kids turn out like Will (but don't tell any of them... when we have them...).

And these are my absolute most favorite pictures, for the time being! I told you, this kid is such a ham! Just wait until I get a video up of him and then you can see his personality in motion!


  1. ahhhh..such a doll. love the faces. whish i could stop by you for couple of hourse too

  2. TAG! GO read my blog to learn what you have to do...now that I've tagged you. love, Candra

    p.s. Will is adorable!! I love his cheeks.

  3. So so so so cute!! I can't get enough!

  4. What a boy! Now everyone knows I am not prejudiced when I say how cute he is! And what personality!

  5. Anonymous9:13 PM

    WILL IS THE CUTEST EVER!! Yes...I know...you know that already =)

  6. He's such a cutie!!! Being a ham runs in the family...LOL
    I'm sure you're other kids will be just as cute.


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