some tough days call for some cute pictures

Today has been one rough & tough day, if you ask me (and my husband... pretty sure he'd concur). About half the day, Will's been his normal sweet/finky self. But the other half of the day (at least it felt like that, at least!) was spent crying/whining! Oh where, oh where has my baby gone? Oh where, oh where can he be? Who knows? Anyway, to remind myself of how much I really do love him and to let bygones be bygones (as there was a retaliation of sorts on my behalf, such as screaming and throwing jeans at the door...), I'm posting these adorable pics from not too long ago! Hopefully this is just a phase, which I'm sure it is, and it too shall pass!

So we took Will to a park here in the canyon and he had a blast! I was snapping away like a mad woman! No really, I was mad at our camera, because it's eating our batteries! I had a video of him in the swing, saying "Wee!" and then when I deleted it to make room for a longer swing session, the camera pooped. Grrrrrr. "Warning: battery exhausted" MY EYE!!! Anyway, focusing on the happy memories! *grin*
{click on image}

Isn't he cute? Yes, I know he is! And I realize this now, now that he's asleep, after five attempts !!! *grin* That middle picture is my FAVE! And hopefully we'll be returning to this park tomorrow morning. And hopefully my camera will work and I can snatch a video. Here's hoping! Oh, and I love my baby, I love my baby, I love my baby! Seriously!

days left until the el lame-o contest is over (give or take a day or two... but probably mostly give :) But thanks to everyone who has sent me their plans! As of now, we only have a total of three contestants and Clarissa has submitted an entire month's worth of plans, and she's due with her 2nd baby girl (sure to be a cute one, too)! Keep it up ladies!

credits: Shabby Princess


  1. Yes, he is one cute baby! Just remember there are a lot of phases children pass through. Your job is to love him through ALL of them!

  2. Those days can be rough. But he's just so cute! Do you use gimp to put the pictures on the 'polaroid' looking sheets? You're so talented at that.

  3. He is so cute Beth! How you could ever be grouchy with those chubby cheeks is beyond me! ha ha! No really, I know how those days go!

  4. Oh I remember when my "baby" became lost to a temper tantrum, toy throwing little monster... LOL
    It's so sad that one day you wake up and your baby as you knew no longer exists. I miss those days..LOL
    I love my baby very much too, but it's hard when they whine, cry and throw fits all day long. He's adorable! I love his cheeks.

  5. Way to stick it out and make the best of the day. Isn't motherhood grand?


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