if love is the answer,

could you rephrase the question? -- Lily Tomlin

Just kidding! I love my husband very much and I'm pretty sure he loves me too... :) Here's a song for y'all to listen to (while I'm working on another V-day project...). It's our song, as of right now - we're huge fans of Red Hot Chili Pepper's new album, Stadium Arcadium. Awesome.

Listen to the words if you can, they really are sweet and they really do mirror how we feel about each other. How sappy does that sound?! Enjoy!


  1. I am obsessed with the song "Snow" from that album, also "Slow Cheetah."

    I was thinking today...since you're such a connoiseur of lovely designed papers and fabrics, have you seen Amy Butler's fabric line? I love it so much. If you don't know it, check it out at www.amybutlerdesign.com. I'm pretty sure you'd love it.

  2. Anonymous7:44 PM

    We love that album too...Yes--maybe this is just another reason why we're friends =)


You're currently in the process of making my day. So thanks for that! *B