Hip-hip hooray (for wasting so much time on blogging and/or scrapping?)!!! I didn't even notice my 100th post until it was too late! So sad, because I had been watching it, and then I guess all my watching and waiting got sloppy! Anyway, here's to weblogs, or as I prefer to call mine, online journals! Woot woot!

So I've been busy the past 24 hours and my brain and eyes are paying for it! I finally made my first digital scrap purchase, thanks to the inspiration known as Kim (also known as OliveJuice & Co.). I just HAD to have these frames, I was freaking out! So I made a deal with myself that I would only feed this crazy addictive habit of mine with $3.00 a month. That basically allows me a kit once a month. I've also decided that I think eventually, I will convert wholly to digi-scrapping vs. its hard-copy sister. Why? Because it's cleaner (no mess, because I have no room/storage... oh yeah, and I have a toddler...) and it's cheaper! Seriously, I can reuse this stuff, how sweet is that?! Perhaps when/if I'm rich, I will have both versions, in a fabulous and organized studio, along with my gorgeous fabric collections and wonderful wood-stuff. But until that day, I'm afraid I am a digi-girl. Besides, I enjoy the image manipulation aspect and I LOVE the undo option (aka. ctrl + z).

So, here are my favorite downloads from yesterday's surfing:

Completely IN LOVE with this here element!

And isn't this kit TO DIE FOR?!
.... so, I admit I have issues....

In addition to my extensive digi perusing and schmoozing, I've been working on this RS newsletter for my mom. I'm still working on getting a higher res version so it actually looks good when printed... but this pic will suffice for computer viewing. And now I'm off to rest my eyes. Toodles!

unless you have a high-power magnifying glass, click on image

PS- I've decided to hold off on making a crafty site, because frankly, I like having my projects on here, our family site. I came to the realization that my crafting is very much a part of my family's life. How so? Well, you see, Brad is gone studying for 12+ hrs/day. So while Will plays, I craft. It's just what I do... and I'm ok with that :)

newsletter credits: doodles by Angie Briggs (Scrap Girls) with fonts by Misprinted Type and Margarete Antonio. {clovers} someone I can't find !!!


  1. I know what you mean about not making a craft site. I made a knitting blog last summer, and I just don't have time to update that and the bonnet blog. I keep it around because I know eventually, school will end and I'll have more time for my knitting.

  2. You're awesome! You seriously need to show me how to do this. I went on a site (feeling inspired from you) and got too overwhelmed with trying to figure out how to do the digi scrapbooking. I'm glad you post your wonderful crafty ideas (talents) on here for all to see.


You're currently in the process of making my day. So thanks for that! *B