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Today Will is officially 18 months old! I had mentioned that I wanted to have a party or something... well that fell through! Besides, I don't really know who would be at the partay besides the three of us... So anyway, I decided to attempt my first digi-scrap page in remembrance of the monumental event! Remember my second page, although it was my first posted page? Well this one is the said first. I've come to the realization that scrapping, in any form, for a boy is much more difficult than for a little girl. I am extremely limited to color choices and such, and you have to be careful to not make it girly. Toughness, seriously.

But I've always loved the colors blue and black together. In fact, when I was pregnant with Will (before we knew what we were having) I had decided that I would use black toile in the baby's room, with baby blue for a boy and light pink for a girl. However, that plan went out the window after I saw the surf bedding at PBK! I just had to have it and I was lucky enough to have a successful baby shower in my home town that made it all possible! Thanks guys! I plan on keeping that quilt for when we get a toddler bed, because I want Will to be able to grow with his chosen (my choosing, of course) theme, until he's old enough to say otherwise. And then we'll see...

Love You Forever
by Robert Munsch

"A mother held her new baby and very slowly rocked him back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. And while she held him, she sang:

I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,

As long as I'm living
my baby you'll be.

The baby grew. He grew and he grew
and he grew [...] "

But this mother of his will love him forever, like him for always. And as long as I'm living, and because we are blessed to be together forever, he will always be my baby (no matter how much he grows!).

Anyway, just wanted to wish my baby boy a happy half-birthday!!!

*credits: Shabby Princess, Sara Carling, Misprinted Type, and Margarete Antonio.


  1. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. If it is any indication, it made me cry--although I do tend that way anyway!! It has been the best gift to be this little boy's "Nana", for ever and always!

  2. Shelly Brown10:47 PM

    So cute Beth! Love that quote and the picture is perfect!

  3. B, cute page. I even like this one better than the other one (I guess your second?) The colors are good and it doesn't look at all femme. Good job, B!

    Gotta add....I'm sure the adorable subject matter helps! Congrats on making it through the first 18mos. Will is a great kid, and you and Brad are great parents.

  4. I love that! I was the same way when Bryce turned 18 months-now he's 2 1/2. That page you made says it all! He's an adorable son!

  5. Ashley Hollis9:44 PM

    Love your digi creations. It's so addicting huh!!!??

  6. love it love it! You are such a cute mom, and he is such a cute kid. You guys are great parents!


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