sweetness abounds!

Ho hum, what a day... just kidding, it was a splendid day, especially when compared to last! My sweet baby was an absolute angel! We did go to the park, where it was a wee bit wet from rain, and hecka cold and hecka windy... yeah, remember how much I hate the wind?! Well I sucked it up anyway, and had a good time. Lovely and fabulous Bonny (perhaps THE coolest lady who ever graced California) picked me up and we (me and my Will, Bonny and her Annika) met up with Jolene (who I'm dying to get to know better) and her girls, Heidi and Hayden. Yes, Will was the only boy, but he didn't seem to mind. Alas, I didn't get any pictures taken, but don't worry, there are sure to be future and frequent trips all bursting with the possibility of photos, and videos! But to let you all in on what Will's favorite activity of the day was, it was the wobbly bridge and the swings. He could not get enough of that bridge and he had fun being pushed in the swing and pushing the swing (although he was quite confused and upset when it would come back and hit him... law of physics my son, a more detailed lesson for another day).

And speaking of videos, I got one today, just not at the park. Brad and I took a break and went to the mall, where I was able to capture Will getting his groove on, only for a little bit though. And since the video is coming up sideways, I'll have to fiddle with it and post it tomorrow (hopefully). We also swung by Michael's for some goodies. And we found some treasures at Target (love that store! Their purchasing agents do a pretty dang good job!). Check these out!!!

Aren't they the cutest?! Do I eat many hard-boiled eggs? Why no, no I don't. But I do like hard-boiled eggs and with these beauties, I will be making a butt load of them! It was my little $2.50 splurge for the month and I am quite tickled with them!

Well, I'm off to bed to get some shut-eye. We are so exhausted, so we're going to forgo our workout (shame, shame, I know) and get to bed at a decent time. So... so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye and adieu.

PS- we now have a total of six contestants for the March Meal Madness give-away and there are only more days left! Just a little FYI. That and I like finding ways to get some digi-scrapping in. I'm terrible! It's terrible! Terribleness, all around!

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  1. Anonymous8:18 AM

    I would have to agree on the comment about Bonny. She is the greatest. I hope someday to be like her. (so I guess that would mean I have to get over my shyness)
    Don't you just love Target? We go quite often and sometimes it is just to look around.

  2. Oh anonymous, who are you?! :) The first step to getting over your shyness would be to reveal yourself! Haha! Just kidding, no pressure! I just love having you on here, so I'll take you anyway you come!

  3. When I was little girl my German grandmother would softboil eggs and put them in the little egg cups. We would cut the tops off, shell and all and then dip long skinny strips of bread into the runny yoke. Then I would scoup out the cooked egg white from the shell. I may need to get a set of those and teach my kids how to eat eggs like that.

  4. When I was a little girl my German grandmother would softboil eggs and put them in the little egg cups. She would take a knife and cut the tops off, shell and all and then we would salt the egg and dip long strips of bread down in the yoke. Then I would take a small spoon and scoup out the cooked egg white. Thanks for posting those cute cups. It brought back a great memory.

  5. That is too funny that you got those cute little egg holders because I just got the plates and saucers that look just like them...wow we must have great taste!! But dont you just love them though...they are so cute!!

  6. i am touched by your kindness and am so glad you made it to the park - we all had a fab time - despite the wind and the cold.

    cute egg cups - my mom was a big fan of soft boiled eggs, she may still be, but it hasn't really come up in conversation lately - maybe i'll have to ask her about it.


  7. This is Jolene, I saw a link to your blog from both Bonny's and Dayna's blog a while back, so I thought I would take a peek. Very cute by the way. We had fun at the park. Thanks again for the pants and socks. I hope you don't mind Heidi insisted on wearing the pants all day.
    Love your craftiness. And creative blog name.
    And cute new dishes. I love dishes.
    And if you are interested in a link to my blog since my name doesn't link to it, it is http://schooleyfamily.blogspot.com/


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