what you don't know...

about me (unless you're my mother or husband, perhaps). I was tagged, yet again, by my dear cousin (technically an in-law), Katie Bartow. I'm supposed to fill you all in on five things you just might not know about me. And then of course, followed up with more tagging*! Oh, I should mention, no tag backs alowed (this tag and/or the weird one from above)! Here we go!

1. I graduated a semester early from high school and headed right to college. I never looked back and never walked at my graduation. So, even though I'm class of 2002, I graduated in 2001- a fact that I conveniently overlook when someone asks, as it helps me justify my youngness as it relates to my education/degrees...

2. I never went to prom. Not only did I miss my senior year because I wasn't there, but I never did go during my junior year either. I called to ask a friend (because hello, my only chance at prom- yes, I stooped that low) only to find out that he had asked a girl that he had been avoiding and didn't like in the first place! Some friend...

3. I was on the girls golf team for two years in H.S. and was awarded the Most Improved plaque. Basically, I wasn't any good but I worked hard and had a lot of fun. And no, I didn't get tan, seeing as that's impossible. However, I did get a wicked foot "tan" from my golf sandals... we would have competitions to see who had the worst/best foot tan and the sweetest way to display them and show them off was to wear flip-flops. Those were the days!

4. I still believe in fairies, fairytales and/or anything magical; they just happen on a different plane. Every now and then I have the delightful opportunity of peaking into their world, but only in certain places and with certain people (like Robin or Steph). My husband would not be one of those people...

5. And finally, I designed my engagement/wedding ring ensemble as well as my wedding announcements. A little description of both:
(1) ring- the engagement ring, in the center, is white gold with a yellow gold strip in the middle and a solitary oval diamond, positioned unconventionally, of course. And then my two wedding bands are rose gold (my absolute favorite) with three diamonds each; and
(2) announcements- notice the colors; do they remind you of anything (besides me)? I got the idea from a fancier and more expensive version in a magazine that was a huge square invitation with a beautiful embossed leaf in the middle. But I wanted to change it around, simplify it, and I certainly didn't want to spend that kind of money. So I went and hand selected the colors, layout, and fonts of everything. And to this day, I am still in love with it (much like my husband :)

No, that is not my scrapbook handywork. It's none other than Lindsey's, who created a beautiful bedecked calendar for my reception signing book.

*I am now tagging Michelle, Clarissa, Danie, Leslie and Heather. Bwahahaha, you first five listed thought you were done being tagged/tortured! The first time I was tagged (by none other than the gorgeous Candra), sneaky little Clarissa tagged all of our mutual friends before I could! So take that! And this is a different game, so no repeats! But I still love you guys!


  1. Maybe you should go into the wedding industry! I sure would've recruited your help had I known!! They look AWESOME!!

  2. wow, I didn't even ever see this post! Now I get how the tags were different. I'll try to get around to this at some point. This is a lightbulb moment!


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