the gifts of love

I wanted to share what we gave and received in the
Summers family for V-day,
and I even have some pictures!

First and foremost, look at what my super sweet husband got me! A gorgeous bowl and darling head-band-tie thingy, both from none other than Anthropologie!!! So I was with him when he got the bowl, but he was able to surprise me with the head bauble (yes, it's a jewel!, to me...). We were out shopping in Santa Monica at 3rd St. Promenade and he sneakily purchased said head ornamentation and then spent the next three hours and a day convincing me that he didn't get it (because I'm really bad, or really good, depending on how you look at it, at guessing presents)! That sly and handsome devil! Not only was I blessed with some Anthropologie treasures but also graced with the sweetest gift-bag that Brad had hand-picked himself in order to match everything! So cute huh? Don't you just love that bag? And Anthropologie??? :) Needless to say, I was a happy girl!

Before I go on to share what I did for Brad, let me just explain that he always manages to give me the strictest budget for gifts for him and then he turns around and blows his budget on me! What a guy! And what a stinker... anyway, so I had a $5.00 limit. That's right, five buckaroos! So, I set my mind to work and created this here card. And on the inside we have Will's handy-work (which is hideously hidden behind glare, due to some clear sticker paper overlay... grrr) and some more crafty love from me (nothing says I love you better than XO, right? Ha!).

And what about those five dollars? Well, there's not much out there for 5 bucks, let alone in CA, let alone for Bradley! So, I was once again creative (a poor girl's moolah) and came up with this gift certificate to VS {blush...} Well, I couldn't purchase a gift card for a denomination less than $25 so I was left to my own resources... aka. GIMP and myself. And voila- yes, those are supposed to be crystals-slash-diamonds on there:

For the most part our day remained the same, with Brad heading off to school, me cooking/cleaning/crafting - in that order. But we did have a nice dinner, albeit a late one. And we listened to our love songs; a CD I made while we were dating, of songs that I loved and hoped to feel about someone and longed for someone to feel the same way. Here they are, to share with you (don't worry, they're not too sappy! Pllllllease!!! Just who do you think you're dealing with here?!). Enjoy and happy belated Valentine's Day!


  1. Yes, a very long post, but worthwhile, nonetheless!! I liked seeing all the corners of your "happpy haunt" even thought I've already seen them. It looks fresh and inviting. The bowl is a beautiful color. I just might have to have on eof those for myself!

  2. So sweet and sentimental. Maybe Pat and I should take some lessons!

  3. These are probably four of my favorite songs. Great taste!

  4. If you sent me a good pictureo of the knitted headband, I could probably come up with a pattern to knit it from.


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