my sweet valentine

Context: Nana Borgia sent our tiny family a Valentine's Day package... don't you fret, I ate enough chocolate for everyone (and in the name of saving Brad's diet, no less!)! As for Willie, he got a treat, too. A candy stick from See's. Boy, this kid has the hugest sweet tooth, which, as you can imagine, is super tough on me... I thought and was hoping that he would be a veg-head like his mom, but no such luck. So I'm struggling with his tastes and trying to balance his preferred flavor with some nutrition. Quite the task, let me tell you! Anyway, so Monk goes nuts with this candy and in the process gets it everywhere, as you can see. I only let him have half and he wasn't too happy about that... I have to draw the line somewhere! I'm only afraid that I drew it a fraction too soon! Oh, and his hand was dyed red for the rest of the day!

This is my second official digi-scrap page. Obviously I've made a few DS attempts before*, but never actually completed a page, with paper and all that. And you may be wondering to yourself, "second page???" Don't worry, you haven't gone crazy; I'm saving my first page for a couple of days from now... you'll see.

Anyway, I feel that what I may lack in experience and talent I make up for in embellishments! I finished this yesterday by throwing my hands up in the air and saying, "That's it! I'm done! I don't even care anymore!" Because I could spend hours and use up all of my time, energy and sanity trying to get things just right! I wasn't a 100% happy with it... But here's the new and improved version (displayed above) versus the yucky one (small, right). Can you tell the difference??? Oh, and I'll be taking a break from this new-found, confounded hobby - for a little while, at least (but I'm not crossing my fingers)!

Credits: Shabby Princess, Gina Cabrera, Misprinted Type, Margarete Antonio, and Sara Carling.

*see Will & his gramps, promised photos {All Boy}, and Will thy name is sweet


  1. Oh, my boy! Aren't you glad I only sent him one candy stick??? This is a great page! So cute, I will have to print it off for sure!

  2. This is so cute! I love this page. Please tell me how you do this, as I'd love to start learning. Will is so adorable!

  3. I don't like it as is, so I'm in the process of changing it, re-doing it! I told you, I'm crazy! I'll repost it as soon as I'm done... sorry you have to be stuck with this version in the meanwhile...

  4. Ashley H.1:32 PM

    Great digi page....don't you love digi scrappin....I am loving it.

  5. Aha! I've changed it and I think that I'm finally pleased with it... it seems that subtle changes make a big difference, at least in my mind's eye!

  6. Anonymous9:30 PM

    I love the "What's the big deal?" look on Will's candy covered face.


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