a new 'do

That is if weblogs had hair! I've not only updated my Mess, but also changed the look. It was kinda feeling blah to me; what with such a mundane subject and no colorful stories or pictures to help spice things up... I was looking for something a little more fun, with some flair and spunk. Something to better reflect me! And for now, I'm liking the way it turned out.

I also posted the meals for the month and a handy dandy protein shake recipe. But I'm still working on the shopping list and some more random recipes (protein bars, granola bars, sleepy muffins... just to name a few!).

But if you're curious, don't be afraid - I'm not a cat killer! Get it?! Oy!

"Oh the cleverness of me!" - Pan the Man

ps- and yes, i'm still working on my à la made... wait for it, wait for it.... soon my pretties, soon.


  1. I'm updating the recipe blog every day, even though the first post's date doesn't change (I explain why over there). So make sure to check it frequently if you're following along. Thanks!


  2. And I've added an index to help navigate your way through the recipes... let's hear it for organization!


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