did i hear someone mention food?

In case my "fans" read this before any of my other "stuff," I've just updated my Mess, once again. I'm going to have a pre-post on there every time I update, which will look the same, but it isn't. Basically, if you are following along at my recipe site, then make sure you keep checking back there, because I am updating and posting there, even if it doesn't look like I do (which is why I'm posting info about it here...).

I'll probably mention it every time I update it on here, too, just briefly.

And if you haven't checked it out -not ever- or haven't checked it since its debut, I'll just fill you in on what it really is: it's not only recipes, but also meal plans, diet plans, shopping lists, shoppings tips, etc. If you feel like it might be of some help, then feel free to check it out. Just a little FYI. Thanks!

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  1. Hey! My parents want your address. Do you think you could email it to me? (jsbmhca_717@verizon.net)


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