let the resolutions begin!!!

There's sure to be many a posts of all our new goals and resolutions, so if you're interested, stay tuned!

But to start off, I've decided to be more organized, live a more structured life, etc. Some my find this hard to believe (especially my mother and mother-in-law), but I've always enjoyed organizing my stuff and especially, my time. So I'm posting my daily routine, which may seem silly, and indeed it is! But you see my dears, this is a journal, albeit an online and extremely public one. Nonetheless, I want to have this saved safely somewhere so I don't have to rewrite it. Besides, they always say that sharing your goals helps you keep them!

Will has just completed his first day with one nap (3 hours baby, yeah!), so this routine has now officially started! Mock me if you must, but I'm posting anyway!

Daily Routine
(not to be confused with a schedule!)

Wake up! It's bottle time for Will
6:30 Breakfast
7:00 Family Scripture and Prayer
7:30 prep for lunch/day (Brad leaves for school)
8:00 Television mingled with cleaning
8:30 continued
9:00 Breakfast for W, followed by play time
9:30 music time/ dance
10:00 unwind, reading time
10:30 Nap for W (blogging/work/school for B)
11:00 continued
11:30 continued
12:00 continued
12:30 continued
1:00 Lunch for B, bottle for W
1:30 walk OR outside time (bubbles, ball, etc.)
2:00 continued
2:30 continued
3:00 Lunch for W
3:30 shower and/or get ready (or walk if not done earlier)
4:00 continued
4:30 continued, along with other stuff
5:00 prep for dinner (movie time for W)
5:30 continued
6:00 continued; if finished, teaching time for W
6:30 dinner, bottle (6:15)
7:00 Bedtime for W; workout (scriptures and/or Sun. lesson prep)
8:00 continued
9:00 continued; Get ready for bed
10:00 in bed, ASLEEP


  1. I'll probably be making changes to this often and frequently... the only reason this would matter is if you were copying me! Ha!


    I'm just writing to myself...

  2. let me know how that whole 'asleep by 10' thing goes. HA! I don't think I can remember the last time I was in bed by 10! (of course, I'm not the parent of a rambunctious 17 month old, so I'll give you that!)

  3. How has the schedule been going? It sounds great. I am so jealous. I look forward to selling the business so I can be a real mom again. I'm so proud of you. You are doing such a good job. Love ya'!

  4. How would you feel about making a schedule for Gracie and I?


You're currently in the process of making my day. So thanks for that! *B