i'll cry the day that i take the "tree" down...

What with a toddler and all, only so much could be done in the decorating department. It's not much and it is indeed a little late to be sharing this... but I barely took pics of it all so I can finally take it down. It'll be a sad day because it's certainly added a hint of charm, warmth and whimsy to our place. Hmm... perhaps I'll keep the garland up as a holiday garland, for me to hang stuff on for Valentines Day, Easter, etc. We'll just see about that!

Here's a nice little close up of some of the decorations. But I took this pic to mostly focus on her, my Krinkles Queen; a tree topper, but mostly used as a huge decoration or centerpiece on my part. I have quite the collection of Krinkles ornaments because they are my fav! Love them! You might also notice how loaded down my garland is... I love a loaded Christmas tree with just a bit o' green peeking through. Don't know why, just know how 'cause I do it every year (thanks in part to a steady increase in my collection of ornaments... just you wait till my future post about future Christmas plans, where I'll talk all about my new fangled decorations. So.E-x-c-i-t-e-d!!!). And let's not forget to give a wee bit of credit to Bradley's collection of ornaments from his childhood; there are four in this here close up (can you guess?).

And here's our little table-top tree, also bedecked in Krinkles. I believe there are four on there. The others are random tiny ornaments that I had that would actually fit on there. And I am on the lookout for the perfect topper... I just might have to make one myself, gosh dang it! Oh, and that bag there is filled with wonderful and oh-so-cute Christmas cards from my equally wonderful and oh-so-cute friends and families! Thanks so much, I enjoyed every minute of reading, rereading, looking and re-looking at all the letters and photos! On a side note, I'm still hoping to get out a digital New Year card/email. It is still considered the new year, although now half way through the new month...

And finally, I took a picture of a leftover garland strand that I strung from our beam. I seriously tried to find any and every place I could Christmas-ify. Don't you just love the loverly backdrop of pots and pans? Oh, and there's an overall picture of our entertainment system sporting the already mentioned garland. One of these days (before OR after the holiday email) I will get some pictures posted of the inside of my place. As for the outside, go to my "real" first post to jog your memory. Beautiful ain't it? Makes you want to come and visit, huh?!


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