presents and pictures galore!

Santa was extra good to us this year! You can't really tell what's going on in these pictures, so I will explain it all, with excruciating detail and all, just for you! Awww... I shouldn't have...
PS- remember those traditions I was talking about? You can kinda see the nametags/placeholders I mentioned in these pics; in case you were wondering, or cared.

This is my loot. I got lots of presents and almost everything I wanted... all I really wanted for Christmas was a house. *sigh* But Brad got me everything else I asked for: housing blueprints magazines, a 9 lb. weight bar and Reese's Puffs (sweet nectar of life!). He also got me Rachel Ray's 365 recipes cookbook! Sweet!

Bradley's collection of presents is somewhere in this somewhat funkalicious picture. He got his P90X and things to go with it (like a mat and protein powder). He asked for it and he received. He also got some cool shocking stocking stuffers like a new wallet and a shakable flashlight. Brilliant!

Will made out like a banshee! But here are some of the highlights: His very first Build-A-Bear, scooter, lots of books, puzzle-cards, his blocks and lots of magnets (my two completed craft projects), and of course, clothes!

FYI- These little animal magnets used to be a mitt. But thanks to some planned creativity and to a fabulous bargain, and not to mention my mother's handy sewing skills (I was busy working on the infamous blocks), they turned out pretty good. I'm thinking I might add some ribbon to the bottom with the animal's sounds- MOO!!! He also got ABC & 123 magnets - not by me, although bought by me; also a bargain! Woot woot for bargains!

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  1. Oh we so need to live by each other and hang out and do crafts together! You need to write a book and sell it on great ideas. Well, at least write it for me and I'll buy it from you to get great crafty ideas. I swear my brain is gone and I can't think of anything. I LOVE your wonderful craftiness and for sharing it w/ us. You are amazing!!!


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