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Turns out I'm not only updating this, the family blog, but also my Mess. So check it out!

You'll soon find out that we are changing our ways, for the better and healthier. We have a new and improved diet plan to follow and Brad has a weight-loss program that's going to kick his butt! And I've come up with one for me too (I just didn't have to pay for it, monetarily speaking).

So, once again, if you're interested, then keep reading my next publicly displayed resolution: to be healthier!

Beth's Personal Exercise Program

1. Walk with Will every day (except Sunday, of course) for an hour. Somedays Will isn't too happy and a half hour will have to cut it. The nice thing about talking myself into walking everyday is that I love it because it is so gorgeous here! The bad thing? I try to think of ways to get rich so we can stay here! And I'm currently in the mindset of wanting to live in our little guest house for the entire duration of law school... it's sure to change, this mindset of mine.

Also, we may not live close to the campus' gym, and Brad can't babysit Will for me to work out for hours on end (I wish, I wish, I wish... Sometimes I miss my single status days at the gym), but there are some great hills here in our canyon, so my butt gets burned!

A little more detailed information: I focus on hills and said butt burning on M-W-F and take the flatter (although not entirely void of inclination) routes on T-Th-F. It all makes sense with the rest of my plan...

2. Push-ups: done till failure after aforementioned walk, every day (excluding the Sabath, once again).

3. Yoga three times a week, M-W-F. I absolutely adore yoga and I am constantly trying to talk a certain someone into trying it (you know who you are, if you even read this)! Once again, no money and no easy access to a gym with instructors, but I do have Rodney Yee in the comfort of my home!

Over the summer I took some yoga classes in Seattle and the master instructor of it all was the "(great?)-grand-daughter" of Iyengar, so I was really able to practice the poses correctly. However, one of these days the RS group will get up and running and we can do yoga on the beach (seriously, it was a suggestion, and one that I whole heartedly concur with)! Gotta love the Pacific Palisades! I sure do!

4. Workout Routine*: do this workout three times a week, T-Th-F. Increase reps for strength moves by two each week.
  • 5 minute warmup: march in place
  • 3 minute cardio: two sets of 50 jumping jacks
  • 3 minute strength training: 30 to 50 push-outs and 20 to 40 kickbacks
  • 1 minute cardio: 75 to 100 knee-ups
  • 3 minute cardio: two sets of jumping jacks
  • 3 minute strength training: 20 to 30 bent-knee sit-ups, 20 to 40 vertical scissors ,and 30 to 50 leg raises.
  • 3 minute cardio: two sets of jumping jacks
  • 1 minute cardio: 75 to 100 knee-ups
  • 2 minute cool-down: march in place; follow with stretching

-Push-outs (for upper arms) : hold a light weight bar (4-9 lbs) or broom at chest while standing, hips width apart. Push-out on exhalation and bring back on inhalation.
-Kickbacks (for triceps): See pictures above. It's pretty self explanatory.
-Knee-ups (for glutes, lower abs, calves): March in place on your toes. Make sure to bring your knees up high to chest level.
-Bent-knee sit-ups (for abs, hips and thighs): the title says it all!

-Vertical scissors (for thighs, lower abs): Refer to pictures above.
-Leg raises (for quads, hamstrings, abs): Uh, any questions? Ok, ok... lie on your back and tuck your hands under your butt to support your back. Alternate legs to right-degree angles, without touching ground (don't go too fast or swing them; slow and steady).

* As outlined in Woman's Day: Remake Your Shape, which is from Dr. Jackowski's
Escape Your Shape.

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  1. Beth! Of course I remember you... and the funniest part is, I've looked at your blog. I came across it when looking on Candra's and knew it was you! I remembered your name and everything. So, yes, it is me, Tiffany. What a small world. You'll have to email me. TiffanyDansie@gmail.com or tbeckstrand@hotmail.com and we'll have to catch up!


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