in memory of

Pepper Borgia
March 15, 1999 - January 21, 2007

Also known as: Pep, Peppy, Peppita, Pita

I'll spare you the details of her passing but she was a wonderful dog. And in the words of Elder Adam Borgia, "It seems a little silly that a small dog could have this much effect on people. But loss is hard with any member of the family, which we all can agree Pepper was."

And all I can say, or more appropriately, add to what's been said or linked (below) is that I've missed her since leaving home years ago; but what's more is that the thought of trips home without her wiggly welcome is a sad one (for Will too, as he loved getting Peppy kisses- open mouthed, nonetheless!).

So here's to Pita, my puppy, my "faithful canine companion and bed warmer extraordinaire."*

*My aunt also has some quotes relating to Pita here.


  1. Thank you for your tribute to our beautiful little Pepper. I think everyone who knew her loved her (except for the really mean neighbor.) She really was part of our family and will always be!

  2. So sorry B. It is so hard to lose our pets.

  3. Even though I'm not a dog person, I really liked Pepper. So much fun! Even when I would wake up in the morning when visiting you guys only to hear a plop on the floor and running out the door - and I'd realize she had been in bed with me!! It's a sad loss.

  4. oh I'm so sorry for Pepp.. she was so adorbale. i loved playing with her at your home.. she truly was a member of family :(
    Boss and I are very sad...


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