a tribute

To my baby's hair. *sniff*

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When he was born he had lots of hair-fuzz and then quickly lost it. However, he was, still is and always will be beautiful to his mother, regardless his hairstyle.

My baby has lost his curls. *sniff (a reprise)* It was getting so long! But it added to his sweetness. He was like our very own little angel...

and then...

it was viciously hacked off by none other than Ashley Roberts-Hansen! Actually, she's a sweetheart, a dear friend from high-school and she did a fantastic job. Thanks Ash! And thank you mom for being there and for all your support through it all!

So there you have it. Will has not only lost his angelic air (it was so beautiful! Why?!?!?! *sniff-redundant, I know*), but has also seemingly lost his angelical ways. Don't get me wrong, he is still super sweet and we are just now getting use(d) to his new look. Yet it feels like we've lost our baby's innocence and it feels like he's getting more mischevious by the minute (and I'll soon have pics to prove it)!

Will's head-o'-hair would have made lovely, golden locks fit for a girl if we had left it to its growing... you better believe I have those curls saved!


  1. Anonymous12:21 PM

    soooo cute. I especially liked the one with both of you. too precious.

  2. For those of you who are interested, this is Will's Nana!! And I have to let you know that seriously, something happened the day he got his first haircut! Our sweet little boy turned into a REAL boy! He may still appear cute and innocent, but there is something lurking there now that wasn't there before! However, he was a real "man" and never cried or even squirmed. But his mom and I did!

  3. Katie Summers Bartow8:25 PM

    Sniff-sniff is right. I was so sad when Bryce got his first cut-it was so hard. I totally relate to your cute blog on Will's hair. After the first hair cut, they do lose that sweet little baby look becoming a "real" little boy. Le the fun in toddler years begin. I can tell you that "terrible twos" is right LOL. Will's so adorable! I love your blog.


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