talk about some inspiration!

Okay- I think it's pretty safe to say or admit that I am a surfer of the net. One day that will transfer over to the ocean, but for now it's all about cyberspace! My current metaphorical surfboard: blogs. It all starts with a few friends and family... and then you start checking out their friends and family and so on and so forth until you come upon some really amazing stuff that you just can't casually skim through, you have to link it! I know almost everyone is a little guilty of this kind of perusing so no pointing fingers! Anyway, some may have noticed my ever-changing blog. (But then again, others may not, because most of the changes are over on the left.) So I'm just mentioning this because I wanted to give some credit to some random girls that I've never met but have truly inspired me. They can be found under THE ADMIRED Go and check them out and be prepared to be amazed!

Looks like I have to "raise the bar" in my creative department...

ps- it also looks like i'll be attempting to re-familiarize myself with my gimp program to see what i can do with digital manipulation. be prepared for test runs of any experimentation... bloggers beware!


  1. K, so I've already "surfed" to a majority of the links that you posted. I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only creepy one. Speaking of which, it gets even creepier. Last night I had a dream that I met you. Now I KNOW that I'm obsessed with blogging.

  2. Shelly B.8:11 PM

    Hey! Thanks for the link to my blog...I'm not that enspiring, but hey, I'm still flattered! ha ha! I'm glad to have found your blogs too! I love meeting new friends through blogging!

    ~Shelly @ Simple Abundance


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