I should probably mention a few of the crazy things going on here (just more evidence of me putting off more Christmas posts)... it all started last Sunday...

Apparently, our pipes froze. We woke up to get ready for church (which is so early and needs to be changed!!! We're the only ward there for Pete's sake! And our area is what, 30 miles?! C'mon!) and as luck would have it, water was MIA from our faucets. It's getting pretty cold here (for here), like 20 degrees. So, our pipes froze and "silly" - I'm being facetious here - us, we didn't have a drip going. Never had a problem in "Iceburg" and we are in the golden state now...

So, "Did we go to church, and if so, how did we manage?" you might be asking yourselves. Yes, we went to church and just let me describe our methodology of getting ready: lots of babywipes and handfuls of baking soda (and perfume/cologne). Needless to say, my hair was in a ponytail and Brad looked like he had some sort of granular pomade in his hair. Shoot, we hadn't showered since Friday (it was the weekend, give us a break!), so this all made for an interesting Sabbath.

Our meetings went just fine and I think no one's the wiser (unless they come here and read this, and then perhaps experience this here joy of me answering any silent hygenic questions they might have had for us that day). But just you wait; we come home to a faucet running over and a nice soggy carpet in our so-called kitchen. We had fans going nonstop for two days. Let's all hope for the best.

Later that night, after a lovely dinner with the Domans, we find a loverly trail of ants. For some reason, the fact that they're trudging through our carpet disturbs me more so than if they were gliding across tile flooring. We whipped out the vacuum and the killer spray, only to leave us with a reocurring scene (of three times today)! I guess it really bothers me, because I am a clean person and I vacuum every day! Darn those resiliently (not a word, until now...) hungry pests!

Other than all that, we're still happy here... Good thing it's so gosh-darn gorgeous here!

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