promised photos (just a few...)

Hey, I'm working on it! As I've promised to many people (including myself) that I will post more pictures, especially of Willie! So I purposefully went out and snapped some photos and simultaneously came to the conclusion that it is near impossible to get a clear-cut pic of a toddler! As you can probably guess, Monk does not stay put or remain still for very long; he is ALWAYS on the move! But I guess any pictures are better than no pictures. Just don't judge me because I take blurry photos (judge me because my subject matter is rather cute!)!

And on a side note, I'm not a huge fan of character clothing-wear, and this outfit happens to be his only one. However, he looks so cute and boyish in this sweatshirt, regardless of Elmo (no offense to Sesame Street, because y'all know we love it!), and it was awfully cold and dreary that day. So it gets a thumbs up, as I'm sure you'll concur.


  1. He is soo adorable! I can see both of you in him. This page is the cutest!!! Seriously-you have talent. You'll have to teach me how to do this.

  2. Alas! At least you get photos up! Also, my mom told me she sent you some pictures. McKay just about died when he heard that.

  3. what program are you using to do your digital scrapbooking?

  4. ps- it's open source, which means it's free and they encourage you to tell other people about it (like in a couple of past posts), and which I will be promoting extensively on my new site.

    A group of programmers created it for fun, because they wanted an alternative to photoshop. It's very powerful and it's free "forever" (not a free trial, it's just free).

    It's like Linux is to Windows...


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